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Susquehanna Life

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Members Choice Financial Credit Union

390 Walnut Street
Danville, PA 17821

As a local financial institution, Members Choice has remained committed to our members and the community. Unlike banks, Members Choice is owned by members and run by members. When we make money, it does not go to shareholders, it goes directly back to our members. As a result, Members Choice has industry leading dividends on deposit accounts. Our business plan is simple: Unbreakable security, unbeatable service, and universal success. All your transactions, whether physical or electronic, are protected by anti-fraud measures that keep you and your money safe. Not only do we have cutting edge financial management services, like mobile deposits and instant debit card reissue, but we also have a tremendously skilled and friendly team that provide unbeatable customer service. Universal success means that we help our members to be financially successful, because when our members do well it helps the community. There’s no better way to see how great Members Choice is than to experience it for yourself, so join us today.