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Episode 8: Fall 2021 - "Nevertheless They Persist"

This episode features the stories of people who persevered and received a hard-earned reward for their efforts. 

We take a deep dive into Marcos Colon’s article The Dry Crusade. His article invites us into a world very different from ours today, and yet it feels familiar.

He writes, “Imagine living in the 1870s. It was decades before women would have the right to vote, but that did not discourage a group of determined women in Pennsylvania from working diligently to improve the lives of their families.”

Retired historian professor, Mary Zimmerman tells us about the Women's Christian Temperance Movement and the social issues they were seeking to address through Prohibition, and how that fight helped them in the quest to secure women's right to vote. 

Cindy Ross is the author of the new book, Walking Toward Peace. She shares Intimate stories of those who have found new tools to deal with psychic wounds suffered as a result of serving in the armed forces. Scientific data explains why and how spending time in nature can help heal psychological scars. Through River House PA Cindy leads hikes for military veterans.

In the fall 2021 issue of Susquehanna Life Magazine, Cindy gives us a taste of the book, and reads some of it for us for the podcast.

Lenaire Ahlum felt so moved by the challenges one Central Pennsylvania student faced in getting an education, it led her onto the long hard path to start a community college in Sunbury with satellite campuses in the region. Her relentlessness and pursuit of higher education is about to be rewarded. 

Dr. Lenaire Ahlum, Founder and Executive Project Director of The Susquehanna Valley Community Education Project (SVCEP) along with board president, Meghan Beck tell the story of the community college and share the many ways it will benefit the region. 

Plus hosts, Peterson Toscano and Erica Shames catch up and talk about the challenge and rewards that come from perseverance. You will also hear about events you do not want to miss this fall.  

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