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In The Fall - 2021 Issue

Dear Readers,

 “Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are.”--Rumi

Those words found me at a particularly vulnerable time as I struggled to regain equilibrium following a bad round of golf. I don’t mean I shot a high score: I was unable to hit any club at any point on any hole. 

If you’re not a golfer you might say, “Big deal.” But it was. 

I couldn’t have predicted the lingering impact until I tried to play golf the next day. I doubted myself. Big time.  I questioned my ability across the board—driver, irons, putter. I froze when I swung the club—and you can imagine the stilted results.

I’m fond of comparing a round of golf to life. I’m ecstatic over good shots and agonize over poorly executed ones. Throughout the round, I endure so many other emotions.

And I learn over the course of 18 holes that I can’t take the extremes—good and bad—too seriously. It’s likely I’ll rebound from the bad shots, just as I rebound from life’s disappointments, and won’t sustain the good shots—life’s good times don’t last 24/7. 

Golf, like life, is a rollercoaster ride, and the best I can do is hang on, with a good sense of myself in tow, knowing I’ll recover, over time, from whatever life throws at me.

But what happens when that sense of self wanes? How do I get it back? Where do I go to find it?

It took some real soul-searching. (And some insight on the part of my husband Tony to point out what I was doing wrong.) But the mechanics are just part of golf—and life. The other critical aspect is believing in yourself—trusting you have what it takes to play a decent round of golf (and achieve your life- objectives). 

And that’s when I found Rumi’s quote. “…everything that you want, you already are.” You can’t imagine the power those words held for me. Intellectually, they resonated. Emotionally, though, I had trouble bridging the gap from where I was to where I wanted to be. 

When I was scheduled to play golf again, I demurred: my impulse was to bow out. But my image of myself as a capable burgeoning golf player needed renewal. And, after all, it’s only a game!   

And, guess what? “…everything that I want, I already am.” And, like a guiding light, those words led me home again.   

Write to me and share challenges you’ve overcome. 

Erica L. Shames, Founder/Publisher

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