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By the Book [Summer 2021]

Misc. Picks

Dead on the Delta

By Sherry Knowlton

$19.95, Sunbury Press

In this fifth novel in the Alexa Williams suspense series, readers are taken on a hair-raising journey to Botswana. Inspired by a safari adventure Knowlton took with her husband, the book reflects knowledge of poaching issues and endangered species preservation efforts gleaned from interviews with wildlife researchers and conservation experts.  

The Prophetic Quest
The Stained Glass Windows of Jacob Landau

By David S. Herrstrom and Andrew D. Scrimgeour

$34.95, Penn State Press

Some of the most breathtaking art in America lies behind doors that few ever open. One such masterpiece, The Prophetic Quest, is a series of 10 monumental stained glass windows in the Keneseth Israel synagogue, just north of Philadelphia. This informative and beautifully illustrated volume pulls back the curtain on this little-known work of art.

Strong, Calm, Confident You

By Kelsey Buckholtz


What if you could stop trying to be perfect and just be enough? A book for every woman who feels pressure to “do it all” and be all things to all people—the perfect wife, mom, employee, friend, daughter and more. The author shares the intimate details of her journey to stop the endless Cycle of pleasing, perfecting and performing.

Pennsylvania German Farms, Gardens and Seeds

By Irwin Richman

$29.95, Schiffer Publishing 

Visit historic farmsteads, barns and vibrant flower and vegetable gardens. Meet four centuries worth of families that made—and in some cases still make—these farms successful. Plentiful information on obtaining and maintaining heirloom seeds and plants in a traditional garden of your own.


Along the Appalachian Trail: West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania

By Leonard M. Adkins and the Appalachian Trail Conservancy

$21.99, Arcadia Publishing

The history of the effort to bring the Appalachian Trail through West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Unlike counterparts on other sections of the Appalachian Trail who could locate the pathway within national parks and forests, builders of the 270 miles of trail detailed in this book did not have vast tracts of federal lands on which to construct the footpath, yet they succeeded.

Northwestern Pennsylvania Railroads

By Kenneth C. Springirth

$21.99, Arcadia Publishing

Through vintage photographs, Northwestern Pennsylvania Railroads brings to life the history of the railroads that have served the region.

Frederick Watts and The Founding of Penn State

By Roger L. Williams

$44.95, Penn State Press

This biography explores Watts’ role in founding and leading Penn State through its formative years.

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