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Letters to the Editor [Summer 2021]

Dear Erica,

I have family who live in Lewisburg, and have enjoyed reading Susquehanna Life. I am writing to compliment you on the quality of your publication, and how the Susquehanna Life Out Loud podcast enhances the magazine.

I enjoyed reading the “Creating Learning in a Pandemic” article in the Spring issue. Questions I had, such as the logistics of running a learning pod during a time of social distancing, were answered in the podcast. I appreciated hearing from the experiences of a parent and child who participate in the program.

While listening to the podcast, I was moved by hearing the life experiences of Simone Tieber, as well as her thoughts of creating the magazine, and her work with you. How interesting to consider a magazine as being analogous to a house. Thank you for pulling back the curtain about this process.

Jeff Allen
New York, N.Y.


Dear Editor,

I really enjoy your magazine. The photographs are beautiful! My parents were residents of RiverWoods and we enjoyed visiting in your area, and finding out about the many exciting activities around Lewisburg.

I found Al Roker’s book about the Johnstown flood—very interesting—after reading about it in your magazine.

Ellen Dost 
Audubon, N.J.


Dear Erica,

Thank you for the excellent work you do for the Susquehanna Valley, through Susquehanna Life [magazine]. I am always glad to get my latest issue.

I just wanted to say, I have many magazine subscriptions. Susquehanna Life is my favorite of them all. I have to get my Susquehanna Valley news before reading anything else. Thank you so much for this service.


Doug Price 
Florence, K.Y.

Dear Erica,

Thank you for starting Susquehanna Life many years ago. It remains one of my favorite magazines.

Stay safe and healthy.

All the best, 
Bob Derr, Selinsgrove, Pa.

Hi Erica,

I like your magazine; I have a special reason for subscribing at this time.  I found out that my picture from the Pottstown Carousel is going to be in the Summer issue.  So I definitely want a copy of that as soon as it is released.    

Oh, and by the way, your magazine introduced me to Retrah/Gingerbread House/Dwellings in Lewisburg. I now shop there regularly.

Craig Nye, Mechanicsburg, Pa.

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