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In The Summer - 2021 Issue

Dear Readers,

It seems remarkable—miraculous even—when summer returns every year, after a cold and dreary winter. It arrives with all the trimmings—flowers and ice cream and butterflies and sunshine. And all is well again.

What do you do to celebrate summer?

At our house, we get busy. There are many flowers beds to weed—and re-weed! Masses of new flower seeds to plant, and a pollinator garden to revitalize. (Who said milkweed is hardy?) And a large vegetable garden to sow. We’re so hooked on the idea of growing food, we’re even looking into getting a greenhouse. We’ll see. 

And we head to the golf course, over and over again, with the goal of ultimately improving our game. But, if you’ve ever played, you know how elusive good golf is. And so I’m working on untethering my ego from my handicap. Any advice?

There’s bicycle riding, on trails and less-traveled roads. Walks to take, jogs to make. A family vacation. Porch-sitting with family and friends, spending every available minute outdoors, breathing in the warm air and soaking up the sunshine.  

And I can’t forget solsticing, the annual ritual my older brother and I invented when we both lived on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. (He’s still there.) We’d gather at the park bench at 90th and CPW, a half-block from where I lived, to sit and chat and people-watch, savoring the longest day of the year, until the last ray of sunlight disappeared. When we can’t get together, we still celebrate the solstice via telephone, touching base again and again until the sun sets in the West.  

Ultimately, though, summer—especially this year—is about reconnecting with people and places we know and love and have missed during the past pandemic-ridden year. If you’re one of the millions who have been vaccinated, you have reason for a new level of optimism and freedom, according to the CDC: no need to wear masks outside, as long as you’re alone or with family. And if you’re one of the millions who haven’t taken the leap yet, it’s not too late. 

There are many other reasons to be hopeful. Our lives are not the same as before, but slowly and gradually we’re resurrecting the most important parts and seeing what works and what must be revised.

Now, more than ever, use the ideas in this issue to get out in our world. Things are opening up. There are events to experience, parks and trails to explore—Appalachian Trail, anyone?—communities to discover and people and places to get to know. Wherever you go, take your copy of Susquehanna Life magazine with you for nourishment, and tune into the Susquehanna Life Out Loud podcast to dig deeper.  

And thanks for making Susquehanna Life a part of your life.

Best wishes for a joyful summer,

Erica Shames
Founder & Publisher

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