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Lewisburg Neighborhoods Announces Community Cleanup

Mar 24, 2021 11:30AM ● By Erica Shames

On Saturday, April 3, from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m., Lewisburg Neighborhoods will hold a community clean up, on the corner of Kidsburg, near St. Louis St. and the RR tracks. The rain date for this event is Sunday, April 11. Everyone who participates is asked to wear a mask. 

Lewisburg Neighborhoods has been holding community cleanups for several years.  The group events were derailed last year, due to COVID.  This year, outdoor activities resume, with the recognition that COVID precautions are in place. 

As part of our COVID response plan, we will not be providing our usual refreshments, but will offer gear including grabbers, buckets, bags, and gloves and also instructions/direction to key areas of focus.  People may want to bring a water bottle.

During cleanups conducted in the community in past years volunteers have scoured the creeks, stream banks, a RR corridor (only after obtaining explicit permission and approvals), and even the riverbed in Lewisburg.  This spring outing will not involve any wading like the Fall In-River Cleanups.  Instead let’s take advantage on land of the window of opportunity after the snow melts and before the plants start to leaf out.  It is the perfect time to extract litter that has lodged itself in the underbrush.  Kids may find it a good way to practice their random-plastic-objects-in-nature hunting skills in this season of egg hunts.

If you think you’ve noticed an increase in outdoor recreation over the past year, it’s not your imagination.  It has been documented in several state and national reports.  Along with all that recreating, there has also been something of an uptick in trash left behind.

Participants should dress for the weather and the activity.  Long pants and long sleeves will protect from thorns, poison ivy, and rough underbrush.  Avoid wearing knits which catch burrs and thorns.  And consider pulling back or covering long hair to protect it as well.  Sturdy footwear is recommended.  Keep an eye on the forecast in case warm clothes and gloves are called for--one year the temperature was around 34 degrees when we were out and about looking for litter!

For more information, please email, call 570-523-0114, or visit

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