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Mindfulness: 8 Strategies for Coping with the Confines of COVID

Even as we head into spring, with warmer temperatures, more of us vaccinated and many of us feeling our spirits rejuvenated, we can embrace these tactics to get us through to the end of the COVID pandemic.

8 COVID Coping Strategies

1. Embrace Routine: Our routines are such an ingrained part of our lives that being asked to alter them has been disorienting. But we do have some control. Waking up and going to bed at the same time is one way to help reinforce routine. Also: stick to the same meal times; choose the same time of day to exercise, shower and get dressed.

2. Get Outdoors: Don’t underestimate the healing power of fresh air. Get outside for a walk, jog or just to embrace spring. As the weather warms, open a window where you spend most of your time throughout the day; let in some fresh air and plug into nature. Take that conference call on your front porch or balcony. 

3. Limit Your Exposure to Hard News: It’s important to know what’s happening, but a few quick scans of the headlines and lead paragraphs or a once-a-day tune-in to your local news station can often tell you what you need to know. If news exposure stresses you out, it’s especially important to cut back.

4. De-Stress: Think about an activity you can practice after you’re done watching or reading the news to help refocus on what brings you joy and peace. Meditation? Yoga? Qigong?

5. Embrace Your Inner Homebody: People who love being home tend to find value in projects. From solo hobbies like reading, sewing or knitting, or tinkering to hobbies you can share with live-in loved ones, such as listening to new podcasts, working through a crossword puzzle or playing cards or backgammon, you may be surprised at what’s available at your fingertips.

6. Tackle a Task: Now is the time to address a chore you’ve put off—organize your garage or basement, sort through your junk drawer, or make room in your closet for the upcoming summer season. Consider deep cleaning your fridge and/or cupboards, washing windows, wiping down your ceiling fans, or just surveying your home to determine what clutter you need to clear out.

7. Try something new: It’s also a great time for future trip-planning, journaling, exploring yoga, learning a new language, practicing meditation, writing a poem, or teaching yourself a new skill. Any of these can help spark a sense of personal fulfillment at a time you may need it most.

8. Cultivate Positivity: Negative thought patterns from time to time are a normal part of being human. Being mindful of these thoughts and counterbalancing them with positivity can really help. Try adding a dose of feel-good thoughts at least once a day and note how it affects you. Remember to be appreciative of simple things like your health, job, home, food on the table and family. 


More ideas:

Watching: Gravitate toward comedies, feel-good dramas and even children’s movies – they are often written with children and adult audiences in mind.

Reading: Choose uplifting genres that make you smile or laugh.

Connecting: Connecting to others is important during uncertain times. Lean on a friend who tends to be insightful or good at listening.

If you need help: You can find and get help right from home. Many counselors are now using online platforms or can talk to you over the phone. If you have benefits through work, find out what kind of counseling is included

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