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Family Life: 10 Ideas for Indoor Fun

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The pandemic will curtail our activities even more than usual this winter. Be prepared. When it’s too cold to go outside, use these indoor activities to combat winter blues. And don’t forget to find ways to include family and friends who are alone or infirm.

  1. The art of the letter: Reach out to grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and shut-ins—who live nearby and far away—with a letter. 

  2. Story hour: Designate an hour each afternoon or evening to sit together and read aloud a picture book. Kids too old? Just cozy up on the couch and read—with the TV off.

  3. Get in shape: Start a winter-long fitness challenge with jump rope, sit-ups, pushups and jumping jacks. Pit kids against the grownups and see who is most fit by spring! 

  4. Treasure hunt: Before the first snow, go on an adventure to collect rocks, acorns, twigs and pinecones. Turn them into real or make-believe animals. Decorate your found treasures with pompoms, googly eyes, construction paper, feathers and pipe cleaners.

  5. Go camping indoors: Build tents with blankets and pillows, and decorate with favorite stuffed animals, plastic figurines, sparkling lights and flashlights. Snuggle inside and read books and tell stories.

  6. Put on a puppet show: Make your own puppets with paper bags (or old socks and mittens), construction paper, old fabric scraps, glue, crayons and markers. Use your imagination to create the most unusual puppets. 

  7. Movie night: Grab some healthy snacks and head to the couch to reshow old family favorites. Make a calendar with each family member’s choice and its day of “showing.”

  8. Rock garden: Collect rocks and paint them with inspirational pictures and sayings. 

  9. Family game night: Designate one night a week to play board games or simple card games. 

  10. Calendar of happy thoughts: Make a list of friends and loved ones—especially those who may be alone. Put their names on a calendar day. On that day, plan to visit with them remotely using one of the free video conferencing services.

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