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By the Book [Fall 2020]

Stealing First

By Chris Williams

$14.95, Sunbury Press

A heartfelt salute to the major leaguers who lost their lives in a war, a new look at the reasons behind the Phillies’ historic late-season collapse in 1964 and an essay that questions the importance of walks in a team’s offensive strategy. Intelligent and fun baseball stories for the casual and passionate fan. 

Mostly on Sunday

By Sarah Johnston

$16.95, Covenant Books

When immigrants disembarked from the boat in Philadelphia, they were headed for the great West, with promises of land, gold and opportunity. But after a few days’ journey, some wagons stopped in Central Pennsylvania’s Allegheny Appalachian valleys. They found cool streams, the Susquehanna River and rich soil. Germans, Welsh and Eastern Europeans decided there was enough similarity to their homelands that they could prosper and thrive in this environment. These are their fictionalized stories. 


Pure Fyre

By Kristalyn A. Vetovich

$19.99, Balboa Press

The novel is set in a high-vibe world where the characters tap into their powers by using metaphysical concepts, such as connecting with crystal energy and spirit guides. Author Vetovich, an astrologist and Susquehanna University graduate, uses her books to help readers find emotional healing and connect to the lives they want to live.

The Fix Yourself Handbook

By Faust A. Ruggiero

$16.95, FYHB Publications

The Fix Yourself Handbook incorporates 52 internal processes—action steps to address issues methodically by prioritizing practical intellect over emotion—to empower readers to tackle problems, resolve conflicts, embrace change and rise above anger. These processes comprise Ruggiero’s “Process Way of Life” to help readers achieve physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual balance—especially difficult, says Ruggiero, a Pa.-based author and clinical therapist, at a time when we tend to feel anxious and afraid.

Abandoned or Forgotten: Overlooked Corners of Eastern Pennsylvania

By Ryan Stowinsky

$24.99, America Through Time

Hidden throughout the varied landscape of Eastern Pennsylvania are ghost towns, forgotten cemeteries and other little-known historical places largely overlooked by most people. This book is a collection of several of these sites found throughout the eastern half of the state, both on and off the beaten path. Explore the ruins of a company town made entirely of concrete. Discover some little-known places and events from Pennsylvania's days in the American Revolution. Roam among over 100 bunkers from World War II. And more.

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