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In The Fall - 2020 Issue

Dear Readers,

Each issue of Susquehanna Life magazine is created months before you actually read it, so it’s always a challenge to make sure I impart timely information in this column.  

As I write this in July, It’s difficult to imagine what life will look like when you read this in September, but it could be that, where COVID-19 is concerned, the worst may be yet to come. Fortunately, we live in one of the safest regions of the country, and we have been spared the full force of the impact of the pandemic. 

And we live in an area where, if nothing else, the outdoors is beautiful and accessible. Susquehanna Life magazine’s content—particularly now—is meant to guide you toward the healing power of nature. Whether it’s our new Hiking Havens column, Creative Outlets for Kids article or our primer on how to get into birding, this issue is packed full of ideas to help every member of your family open your hearts and minds to what nature gives us to sustain us. 

While we continue to bring you the best our region offers in the pages of Susquehanna Life magazine, our online content is even more compelling than ever: 

  • Visit to listen to our new podcast, Susquehanna Life Out Loud. Created and hosted by the talented Peterson Toscano, it is a vital adjunct to each issue of Susquehanna Life magazine, with interviews and information that go beyond the pages of our magazine.  

  • Listen to WVLY (100.9 FM) to hear our Valley Lifestyle Updates, based on Susquehanna Life magazine content.

We feel especially grateful to the businesses and organizations that continue to support Susquehanna Life magazine. In turn, we encourage you to support them—now more than ever. (Please be considerate and wear a mask when you enter their establishments.) 

Many restaurants have reopened—and many more are also offering delivery and takeout—so plan at least some of your meals around what’s available at your local eateries. And don’t forget to frequent your downtowns and Buy Local from the small businesses that drive our local economies. They all need our help, especially now.

As always, thank you for your continued support of Susquehanna Life magazine. Enjoy the fall season. 

Erica L. Shames

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Articles from our Fall 2020 Issue:

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