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Susquehanna Life's Summer 2020 Dining Guide

Best Ethnic Restaurants, 
as Chosen by our Readers

Kafkaz Restaurant (3379 E. Valley Rd., Loganton) Located right off the Route 80 Exit, in the middle of nowhere, this restaurant offers amazing Middle Eastern food. Their Greek salad, borscht, shish kabob (chicken and lamb) and rice pilaf are all delicious. The homemade bread was a treat! In fact, everything is homemade and very fresh. Very friendly service. Great desserts include blinis and baklava. An interesting and very tasty place to eat plus a fascinating cultural experience. Takeout is available. 

Crown Fried Chicken (33 W. 4th St., Williamsport) is a fascinating combination of delicious American fried chicken and Pakistani food! Think: chicken, goat or lamb curry and chicken, lamb or vegetable biryani. The lamb shawarma (gyro) is said to be one of the best. The lamb is traditionally seasoned with a delicious topping of white sauce. The falafel with all the fixings is so outstanding they often run out, so get there early! Takeout and delivery are available. 

Big Bowl Noodle House (418 E. College Ave., State College) features large portions that taste delicious.  One of my favorite places in State College to get a quality meal at a reasonable price. Friendly service, even when they’re crowded. Tasty choice for noodles of all kinds, including Pad Thai and other Thai noodle dishes. Quality Asian food. Cash only. Takeout is available.

Reba and Pancho's (2006 W. Market St., Lewisburg) is “at the forefront of an American food revolution,” it says on their website and we couldn’t agree more. We have yet to find a dish on their New Mexican menu that we don’t like. It’s the only place I’ll eat a crabcake, and the black bean tostadas are a tasty variation on this popular dish. Other standouts include their homemade pasta and ravioli, and their delicious French fries cooked with herbs and served with aoli dressing. The freshest calamari I’ve ever tasted. Takeout is available.   

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