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In The Summer - 2020 Issue

Dear Readers,

In many ways, it was the best of times. 

Two of our three sons came home for an extended stay. As DC-based telecommuters, they and their girlfriends ostensibly could work from anywhere. Happily, they had chosen to seek refuge with us temporarily.  

On one particular afternoon, our house was a microcosm of the changed world—my husband, barred from the Bucknell campus, was teaching an international relations class from our bedroom. Our sons—one a communications strategist for an association, the other a business analyst for an accounting firm—and their girlfriends worked from laptops at the kitchen table, in bedrooms, the living room, and in our sunroom. 

Spring came on time and, with warmer temperatures, sunny days, and burgeoning flowers, brought joy and belied the frightening realities of events unfolding all around us.  

In other ways, it was the worst of times. 

Hanging over our heads was a sickness, a deadly virus with growing impact. Just how cautious do we need to be? It was a question asked several times a day, with an evolving answer. To mask or not to mask?  To shop for groceries in person or online? The virus, in short, was wreaking havoc with our sense of normalcy. And we had taken the necessary and appropriate steps to stay safe and healthy. Or so we hoped. 

There were real questions how, as a small business, to proceed. Can we carry on? Should we publish a summer 2020 issue? Like you, I am apprehensive about what the future will bring, and how we as a business will weather the storm.

After much consideration, we made the decision to move forward, with the perspective that all will be okay (won’t it?) in the not-too-distant future. Accordingly, the content in this issue is heavily outdoors-oriented with many ideas of how to do the one thing we still can—spend time on our river, in nature, in our gardens, and in our yards. Some ideas even celebrate Great Outdoors Month, appropriately. 

Our decision to forge ahead was underscored by a glance backward. At the start of this endeavor in 1993, we made a commitment to our readers and advertisers to create a magazine that not only is informational, but inspirational. 

And at no time has that ideal been more challenged, and the need for it become more apparent, than right now. 

Every day we receive phone calls, emails, and letters underscoring the positive impact Susquehanna Life magazine and Susquehanna Life Out Loud, our new podcast, are having right now. 

The words, pictures, and ideas disseminated by the Susquehanna Life brand inspire readers and listeners to feel good about their future. By focusing on what’s worthy and enduring in our lives, Susquehanna Life encourages our audience to trust that, after the dust settles and the smoke clears, we will emerge in one piece. 

This calamity will pass and leave all of us bruised but not broken. And the best way to fight back is to proceed with the outlook that everything will be okay—maybe not today or tomorrow, but soon. We hope you agree.

As valued readers and advertisers, we thank you for your courage in supporting us now and into the future. We couldn’t do what we do without you. 

Erica L. Shames
Founder & Publisher

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Articles from our Summer 2020 Issue:

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