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Lewisburg Neighborhoods Launches Podcast

Apr 02, 2020 10:27AM ● By Erica Shames

The Coronavirus COVID-19 crisis has altered every facet of daily life. Lewisburg Neighborhoods continues to work to improve quality of life, even under these strange circumstances. 

One of the goals at this time is to connect neighbors to each other (remotely, of course) and also to the information and resources they need right now.  To those ends, Lewisburg Neighborhoods is compiling useful info for the community on its website, and the result is the launch of a local podcast entitled Radio Free Lewisburg.  

The podcast is produced in collaboration with “Stories on Tap” director Julie Hagenbuch and the incipient Union County Connect project, led by Farida Zaid.  Episodes are about 30 minutes and are released about once a week.     

The first episode talks about the COVID-19 situation from a local perspective.  The second episode discusses hygiene in more detail, both information hygiene and physical hygiene.  An upcoming episode will be on finding and offering help. 

The team is working on additional episodes now and welcomes comments and questions. The goal is for the podcast to become a repository for good information, to share inspiration, and build community in a time of crisis.  Ideally it should be a platform for community discussion and unity.

Let’s all work together/apart to make sure we are dealing with the economic, psychological, social, and medical issues confronting us.

Updates and the podcast can be found by visiting the Lewisburg Neighborhoods website,, and and clicking on the News or Radio Free Lewisburg links near the top of the page.  The direct URL for the podcast is and it can be found on Spotify.


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