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Letters To The Editor [Spring 2020]

Hi Erica,

My wife is from Mifflinburg, and she enjoys reading the articles of interest from her former home area. I enjoy the articles also. I also enjoy trips up to Mifflinburg and eating lunch at the Carriage House in the ‘burg. Keep up the great work you do covering Central Pa. and our beautiful commonwealth.

Roger A. Estep, Lewisberry, Pa. 

Dear Erica,

Our first magazine arrived today and I just couldn’t wait to give it to Rodger! He flipped through it and insisted I take it along for my weekend train ride. We were excited to see the best vegetarian restaurants, as we have recently chosen a plant-based diet. And we’ll have to grow some sprouts! I am fascinated by the abandoned buildings article. Thank you for creating this beautiful, informative publication and making my gift giving so easy! 

Marguerite Keen, Lancaster, Pa.

Dear Erica, 

I grew up in the area and am generally familiar with the [Susquehanna Life] publication. I recently moved back to the area from Chicago after being away from Central Pa. for about 20 years. It’s been eye-opening to re-explore the region where I grew up. My mom mentioned recently how, even though she has been living here for nearly 50 years, she feels out of the loop and disconnected from the many unique communities and towns in this region. She realizes that there are probably great things to learn and see and do that she may not be aware of. 

She said having school-aged children was probably a big reason why she was more involved years ago. She referenced specifically how she wished she still received Susquehanna Life because she found it to be informative and fun to keep up to speed on local and regional happenings, culture etc.  So I gave her a subscription for Christmas.

Anna Grbenick, Milton, Pa.

Dear Erica,

I have always enjoyed reading your magazine in waiting rooms at doctors’ offices. I love how you showcase what’s happening in my “backyard” because I love taking day trips. 

Pam Keller, Palmyra, Pa. 

Dear Erica, 

I usually pick up your magazine while waiting for a doctor appointment or at the hairdressers. I learn a lot and just plain love reading the stories; the pictures are great too. I actually looked forward to appointments so I can check out Susquehanna Life! I am thankful for your magazine!

Mark and Mary Harer, Lewisburg, Pa. 

Hi, Erica,

I read through your magazine in a doctor’s office, and realized it would be a good choice for my mom, who is moving to Pennsylvania from California soon. She is retired, and will want to learn more about what Central Pa. has to offer. Thanks,

Meredith Doran, State College, Pa.

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