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In The Winter - 2019 Issue

Dear Readers, 

Positive recognition and encouragement are always appreciated—no matter who you are or what you do. 

The fact that Susquehanna Life magazine is a finalist in the 2019 Folio: Eddie and Ozzie Awards for the second year in a row is inspiring! (See details here) We’re grateful to be recognized in what is considered the most prestigious national awards program for magazines. 

At press time, we don’t know if we’ve been named the winner, but it almost doesn’t matter. The appreciation alone is enough to keep us feeling good for a long time!

What are your hopes for achievement in the coming year? What would you accomplish if you had the time? Money? Energy? Initiative? 

Too often we hold ourselves back from new experiences, and the success we’re capable of, by self-imposing roadblocks. We have every reason in the world why it won’t work or can’t be done—whatever it is. That’s how we cope with a fear of taking a chance and moving outside our comfort zone. 

Self-actualization is a term, originally introduced by the theorist Kurt Goldstein, to describe the motive to realize one’s full potential. The concept was brought to prominence in Abraham Maslow’s “hierarchy of needs theory” as the final level of psychological development, achievable when all basic needs are fulfilled and the “actualization” of the full personal potential takes place. According to Maslow, we all have “the desire for self-fulfillment—the tendency to become actualized in what he/she is, potentially.” 

Taking a chance on something—whether it’s a new love interest, venture, career, skill, activity or friendship—should be a part of our everyday experience. It’s how we can move forward and grow, when we choose to. And isn’t that what life is about—pursuing new experiences that allow us to figure out what we like to do and who we like to do it with, toward the ultimate goal of becoming self-actualized? Ideally, it’s a lifelong pursuit that never ends. 

As we head toward the start of a new year, we invite you to share your innermost dreams of self-actualization. We’re calling it VisionQuest 2020—the search for the most innovative, heartfelt ideas for making 2020 your most significant year yet. 

Maybe you’ve always wanted to start a business? Try a new sport or hobby? Become proficient in a particular skill? Travel to a far-flung destination? Tell us your dream-idea, how you will go about achieving it in 2020, what obstacles you face, and how you’ll overcome them, in an essay of about 500 words. We’ll pick the best VisionQuest idea and feature its creator in a future issue.  Your self-actualized life begins today. Happy Winter! 


Erica L. Shames


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Web Extra:

Haunted Vista

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