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Evangelical Regional Mobile Medical Services Ambulance at Hummels Wharf

Sep 30, 2019 12:24PM ● By Erica Shames

Matthew Abbey, EMT, and Jason Mercer, NRP, Paramedic and Team Leader, stand inside the new state-of-the-art ambulance provided by Evangelical Regional Mobile Medical Services that will operate out of the Hummels Wharf Fire Co. to provide emergency medical services to areas in Snyder County.

Beginning in October, Snyder County will be seeing a new ambulance responding to emergency calls. Evangelical Regional Mobile Medical Services (ERMMS) and Hummels Wharf Fire Company have come joined forces to add an ambulance to Hummel’s Wharf fleet.

ERMMS was announced as a new addition to Evangelical Community Hospital’s offerings to communities in June. A limited liability corporation wholly owned by the Hospital, ERMMS works directly with emergency response agencies throughout the Greater Susquehanna Valley to assist where needed to make emergency medical services available—through assistance with staffing, managing operations of existing companies, providing an ambulance, or other individualized options based on need.

“The national crisis of staffing ambulances with volunteers has been impacting the region for many years, making it more and more difficult to have ambulances in service during the hours they are needed,” said Nick Klose, Director of ERMMS. “This new approach is a step forward in proactively making sure emergency services can be available to our community members regardless of the time of day and area where individuals live.”

The new ambulance goes into service to begin answering calls on October 1, 2019 and has a designated crew, including paramedics and EMTs onboard who are employed by ERMMS. Community members will recognize the new unit by its distinct appearance. The new medical intensive care unit (MICU) is made to offer a comfortable and stable ride for the driver, patient, and crew. The patient area includes the latest technology needed to support care while en route to the hospital.

 “We’re excited about the addition to the already existing ambulance services available in Snyder County. Whenever more access to services is made possible, everybody wins,” said Jeff Buckley, Fire Chief at Hummel’s Wharf Fire Company.

“For us, this is an extension of the fire and rescue services and emergency protection we’ve been providing to the village of Hummels Wharf, Monroe Township, and surrounding communities. It was the right thing to do to best serve the people of our community.”

About Evangelical

Evangelical is a non-profit organization that employs 1,900 individuals and has more than 170 employed and non-employed physicians on staff. The Hospital is licensed to accommodate 132 overnight patients, 12 acute rehab patients, and 18 bassinets. The Hospital serves residents throughout the Central Susquehanna Valley, including those living in Snyder, Union, Northumberland, and Lycoming counties.

About Hummels Wharf Fire Company

Hummels Wharf is a 100% Volunteer Fire Company in Snyder County, PA, with around 30 active firefighters, some of whom are also EMTs or First Responders. The company handles a variety of calls from automatic fire alarms to 3-alarm structure fires, fender-benders to MVAs with heavy entrapment, and toe pain to cardiac arrests. Hummels Wharf Fire Company recognizes the importance of community relations and is dedicated to assisting the community whenever possible by providing other services as needed, including educational programs, and working together to protect our communities.


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