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In The Fall - 2019 Issue

Dear Readers,

I feel it in the tone of the letters we receive. I see it in the conviction of the stories our writers create. I hear it in the pride of our advertisers. A throng of like-minded people have rallied to embrace a feeling, a place and a state of mind, and it’s called Susquehanna Life.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say we’re all members of the same club. If you receive this magazine in the mail, it’s likely you are already a member. Happily, membership in this club is open to everyone! 

The fact is, few of us are in the magazine publishing industry to make money, especially small, independent publishers like myself. 

We do the work because we love the printed word, and we relish meeting the people behind the compelling stories we tell. 

And, of course, we are passionate about bringing those stories to you, our readers, and seeing how those stories come together under Simone Tieber’s professional graphic design fusing words and pictures in a captivating way.  

The point of what we do here at Susquehanna Life magazine is to capture the joy and unique quality of living in the central slice of the state of Pennsylvania, and the personal connections this proximity to outdoor recreation, culture, history fosters. This plays out in each issue of Susquehanna Life magazine, and this Autumn 2019 issue is no exception. 

Take, for instance, Elyse Stefanowitz’s article on unPAved Susquehanna River Valley, a bike ride like no other for all ages and abilities. There’s still time to register at The journey of 30, 54, 90 or 120 miles takes you to places you’ve likely never been before, and brings together all that is desirable in a bike ride—scenery, climbs, comradery and exercise.

Katherine Yeaple’s article on Musser Gap highlights the work of Clearwater Conservancy in preserving a natural connection between Penn State and nearby Rockrock State Forest, for the benefit of all. 

Alan Janesch’s article on Building Community in Creative Spaces focuses on the value of using art, music, books and events in funky spaces to bring people together. 

What’s old is new again, in Carrie Pauling’s Business Life article on The Value of an Apprentice. You’ll learn how and why the age-old concept of learning a trade being revived.

And Bob and Marysusan Umbriac open up their backyard gardens for our enjoyment in a Tell Us Your Story column about how a love of gardening and a strong work ethic transformed their property. And there’s so much more to enjoy. 

Club members:  thank-you for belonging. If you’re not yet a subscriber or advertiser, we invite you to join the club. Subscribe at And you can initiate a conversation about the benefits of advertising in Susquehanna Life magazine by writing to me at

And thanks, for making Susquehanna Life a part of your life!


Erica L Shames

Articles from our Fall 2019 Issue:

The Value of an Apprentice Business Life

The Value of an Apprentice: Business Life

Apprenticeships are a viable, cost-efficient answer to the growing problem of skills-gaps plaguing industries nationwide. Read More » 

Dante Miele-Elion Liz Miele and Gloria Miele

Herdic House - Love of Food and Historic Preservation

The 1980s may seem like an eon ago, but time has flown by for Gloria Miele and her sister Marcia who, in a bout of youthful exuberance, opened the Peter Herdic House restaurant in William... Read More » 

Apprentice Jess Hermanofski

Pennsylvania’s First Apprenticeship for Farmers: Regional Buzz

Apprenticeships are a tried-and-true model of learning that have trained workers for careers in skilled trades for centuries. Today, a diverse array of state- and federally-registered app... Read More » 

By The Book Fall 2019

By The Book [Fall 2019]

Browse these book recommendations in a variety of genres. Read More » 

Lifestyles Building Community in Creative Places

Lifestyles: Building Community in Creative Places

They’re not cathedrals, churches, church basements or fellowship halls. But like those institutions, creative places across the region use art, words and music, and food and drink, to bui... Read More » 

Cooking at Home Swiss Chard Pasta and Chick Peas

Cooking at Home: Swiss Chard, Pasta and Chick Peas

Wondering what to do with the big bunch of Swiss chard you purchased at the farmer’s market or grew in your garden? This easy, healthy and quick dinner is a delicious way to use it up. Read More » 

Susquehanna Lifes Fall 2019 Dining Guide

Susquehanna Life's Fall 2019 Dining Guide

Best Seafood Restaurants, as chosen by our readers. Read More » 

Its time to prepare your garden for winter where do you start

Garden Shed: How to Prepare Your Garden for Winter

The sound of lawn mowers is replaced by the rustling of raked leaves. The days and nights slide into a sweet comfort zone. The pace of harvests slows down, opening up time to prepare for ... Read More » 

 Fall Illumination 2019 Once the World Was Perfect

Fall Illumination 2019: Once the World Was Perfect

Autumn Illumination with By Joy Harjo's "Once the World Was Perfect" Read More » 

Our Natural World Lessons from Musser Gap

Our Natural World: Lessons from Musser Gap

“It’s about connecting people to nature so they appreciate the resources that we are trying to protect.” – Katie Ombalski, Conservation Biologist Read More » 

Tell Us Your Story A Natural Progression of Two People Who Love Gardening

Tell Us Your Story: A Natural Progression of Two People Who Love Gardening

Mary Susan Umbriac grew up in Hazleton, where her father tended a large vegetable garden. “My father was very particular about his garden,” she recalls. “Everything was in a straight line... Read More » 

Adventures in Sports An Authentic Outdoor Experience

Adventures in Sports: An Authentic Outdoor Experience

Seventeen miles west of Lewisburg lies the untapped splendor of Bald Eagle State Forest, home to hundreds of miles of well-kept, pristine wilderness with some of the best single track and... Read More » 

Letters To The Editor [Fall 2019]

Readers share their thoughts on previous issues.

Web Extra:

How to Manage the Emerald Ash Borer on Your Property

How to Manage the Emerald Ash Borer on Your Property

Recommendations from the United States Department of Agriculture on how to manage Emerald Ash Borers. Read More » 


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