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Mid State Trail Hike 50!

Mid State Trail Association, the all-volunteer non-profit group that cares for Pennsylvania’s longest and wildest footpath (2019 Trail of the Year) announces the Hike 50! Celebration in honor of Mid State Trail’s 50th anniversary.

MST began as a project of Penn State Outing Club in 1969, and grew to cross all of PA in association with PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (five state forests, eight state parks, and general support directly and through Keystone Trails Association), Pennsylvania Game Commission (six numbered game lands), U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Tioga-Hammond and Cowanesque Lakes, and about two dozen private landowners.

In addition to the ongoing MST End to End and MegaMeter recognition (details here), during this 50th anniversary year 2019 (through New Year’s Day 1/1/2020), we have a special offer to those who sample the MST system. Hike 50 kilometers (km) along Mid State Trail – 10 km each (individually or cumulatively) in at least four different parts of Mid State Trail.

  • Everett Region – from MD Route 144 north to US Route 22, guidebook sections 0 through 6;
  • State College Region – from US 22 to PA Route 192 at Raymond B. Winter State Park, guidebook sections 7 through 11;
  • Woolrich Region – from PA 192 north to PA Route 414 at Blackwell, guidebook sections 12 through 16;
  • Tioga Region – from PA 414 north to the New York State border, guidebook sections 17 through 20.

The final 10 km to make a total of 50 km in 2019, can be (individually or cumulatively) along more of Mid State Trail beyond the minimum in each region – and/or along a list of trails from Virginia to Ontario, Canada, that connect to MST.

Hikers do not need to register with MSTA until the Hike 50! is completed. However, hikers on this quest are encouraged to use the social media hashtag #Hike50MST

See form posted in the “Mid State Trail” Facebook group and on the MST web site

MST offers new options to hikers seeking map and guide information to hike either 50 km or End to End: 

  •  The official paper guidebook and waterproof maps are available again from the MST website after many months in 2017 and 2018 of being out of stock. You may need to keep scrolling down to see the order links from some smartphones and tablets. Purchasing maps and guide information through the MSTA website offers the most current information, and the most financial support to keep PA’s longest and wildest footpath cleared and marked. The map and guide set can also be ordered from KTA.
  • On those smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android), MSTA has partnered with Atlas Guides Guthook app offering MST hiking information as an in-app purchase. A portion of the purchase price supports MSTA.
  • Purple Lizard Maps, between their Raystown, Rothrock, Bald Eagle, and Pine Creek maps, shows sections 5 through 17 of MST. While this is not the entire footpath, it is enough to show areas qualifying for the #Hike50MST

Any questions, e-mail

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