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The Four Regions of the Mid State Trail

Region 1: Everett. The southern most end of the trail, originating at the Mason-Dixon line, offering challenging terrain, ridgelines and stunning views of Buchanan State Forest.

Region 2: State College. The most popular section, perhaps because of its origins here. The trail passes through Rothrock and Bald Eagle State Forests, as well as Penn Roosevelt, Poe Valley and Poe Paddy State Parks.

Region 3: Woolrich. This section includes R.B. Winter, Ravensburg, and Little Pine State Parks, passes through Tiadaghton and Tioga State Forests and offers views of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon.

Region 4: Tioga. Beginning at Cowanesque Lake, passing through the remainder of Tioga State Forest and Hills Creek State Park, eventually joining the Crystal Hills Trail of the Finger Lakes Trail system.

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