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Letters To The Editor [Summer 2019]

Dear Erica,

My husband and I are recent transplants from Long Island, NY—four and a half years ago. I happened to see a copy of [Susquehanna Life] magazine several times in my doctor’s waiting room. What struck me at first was the beautiful photography. It was your fall issue and the colors were vibrant. The articles were well written and the local events were well placed to catch my attention.

What initially led me here was an engineering job interview.  My daughter and I packed into the car; of course the mountains were lovely, but when we made that turn on Rt. 15 that overlooks Williamsport and the river valley, my heat leapt and I have been in love ever since.  

Time is a rare gem in my life; engineering can be all-consuming. [Ordering the] digital [version of the magazine] made sense. Wherever I am—office, hotel lounge, air terminal, on the road—I can bring up [the magazine] on my phone or iPad and take a mental vacation—to get to know the area and the events at my new home and, soon, I hope, retire. I look forward to my first issue. Thank-you.


Diane Bernstein, South Williamsport

Dear Editor,

My parents just moved to Buffalo Valley Lutheran Village in Lewisburg. My sister lives in Lewisburg, so I've seen your storefront many times. At the PA Welcome Center on 81-N, I saw the winter [2018/2019] issue with the night sky on the cover. Being an amateur photographer and an astronomy nut, I picked up the magazine. After reading/skimming through the entire magazine, I thought my parents would like it, to help them get even more acquainted with the area.  My wife and I didn’t know there was a dark sky park in PA, so we are adjusting our summer vacation to visit it.


Craig Weinrich, Hamilton, NJ

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