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In The Summer - 2019 Issue

Dear Readers,

What is Susquehanna Life?

It’s a fair question. We’ve created a multi-media platform of print, digital, Web, social media and more—all around the Susquehanna Life brand.

That brand includes, of course, a print magazine, a vibrant online presence at and all our social media platforms, a digital version of the magazine, and our new custom publishing division.

The audiences for our social media content and digital magazine tend to skew slightly younger than the readers of our print publication. But our audiences, no matter their age or medium of choice, are all connected.

So, yes, Susquehanna Life is a magazine. And it’s so much more.

As a lifelong writer who loves the durability of the print medium (a preference that extends to hard copies of books) and the creative process inherent in producing a print piece, I’ll always be grateful for the opportunity to craft a product as beautiful and long-lasting as each issue of Susquehanna Life magazine.    

But I’m also aware that compelling content resonates, no matter the platform, the medium—or even the age of the reader.

That’s why the content at, and all our social media platforms, is as compelling to read and visually striking as what you’ll find in the magazine—and often is an extension of articles in the magazine: more photos, more information, more recipes, for example.

And, now, we’ve introduced the vehicle to create print and electronic communications pieces for your business or organization. What’s your message? We can communicate it in any format you need—magazine, brochure, guide, Q&A, and more!

So, what is Susquehanna Life in 2019? Yes, it’s a magazine! And, yes, it’s so much more!

If you haven’t explored us online, I urge you to check out, and find us on Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more!

And, if you’re a business owner or marketing manager, I encourage you to talk to us about your marketing goals, and how we can utilize the Susquehanna Life platform to help achieve them.  

And, finally, it’s beautiful outside! Take time to explore all our region has to offer—whether it’s the museums and galleries in our annual guide (co-sponsored by Weis Markets) or hiking, biking, playing golf or tennis, kayaking or maybe just taking a walk through your neighborhood. Enjoy! And happy summer!


Erica L. Shames 
Founder & Publisher

Articles from our Summer 2019 Issue:

The conservancys Kellys Run Pinnacle Preserve now encompasses Kellys Run Trails the former PPL Pinnacle Preserve and the former PPL Holtwood Nature Preserve

Conservation: Keeping Susquehanna River Lands Wild

Lancaster County’s population is projected to reach 550,000 over the next two years, squeezing the landscape and threatening natural places. Is it possible to achieve a sustainable balanc... Read More » 

By The Book Summer 2019

By The Book [Summer 2019]

Browse these book recommendations in a variety of genres. Read More » 

Cooking at Home Eggplant Caponata

Cooking at Home: Eggplant Caponata

Here’s a great reason to grow lots of eggplant in your garden this summer. Eggplant Caponata, a Sicilian eggplant dish typically served on crackers, is essentially a cooked vegetable sala... Read More » 

Goldenrod emerges in late summer

Quiet Intervals: The Koons Trail

The mile-long Koons Trail, located along Buffalo Creek in Mifflinburg, is part of a 30.5-acre conservation easement held by the Merrill Linn Land and Waterways Conservancy. It provides a ... Read More » 

Susquehanna Lifes Summer 2019 Dining Guide

Susquehanna Life's Summer 2019 Dining Guide

Best Italian Restaurants, as chosen by our readers Read More » 

Raised garden beds help prevent neck and shoulder strain

Garden Shed: 6 Benefits of a Raised Garden Bed

As you contemplate a garden this year—and whether or not it’s worth the work—consider another option: a raised garden bed. Read More »  

Summer Illumination 2019 This Land Is Your Land

Summer Illumination 2019: This Land Is Your Land

Summer Illumination with Woody Guthrie's "The Land Is Your Land" Read More » 

The challenges facing the Chesapeake Bay are similar to those confronting estuaries around the world

Our Natural World: The Time is Now - Save the Chesapeake Bay

It’s the largest estuary in North America, and the third-largest in the world. Over 500 million pounds of seafood are harvested from it every year. More than 3,000 migratory and resident ... Read More » 

Hike the Mid State Trail A Spiritual Experience

Hike the Mid State Trail: A Spiritual Experience

The Mid State Trail, designated the Trail of 2019 by the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, is recognized as a historic and versatile trail that “captures the essence of... Read More »  

Un Giorno Perfetto

Cultural Experience: Art Society Nurtures and Enriches Lives

One of the first meetings of the Susquehanna Art Society included a talk on Ukrainian Easter eggs and demonstrations of the silk-screening process and the craft of brass rubbing. This ecle... Read More » 

Heron Smith Island

Lifestyles: Smith Island’s Finite Future

The installation of a jetty on the western flank of Smith Island, MD, begs an important question: to what lengths should society go to defend Smith Island and other places believed to be ... Read More » 

1903 Pittsburgh Pirates

Sports Shorts: The First World Series Home Run

On the first day of October in 1903, a young man from northcentral Pennsylvania hit the very first home run in World Series history – yet few baseball fans can tell you his name or what w... Read More » 

Museum  Gallery Guide June 2019-May 2020

Museum & Gallery Guide: June 2019-May 2020

Susquehanna Life magazine's annual Museum & Gallery Guide, co-sponsored by Weis Markets, is chock full of information about the region's best places to get in touch with art, history and ... Read More » 

Letters To The Editor [Summer 2019]

Readers share their thoughts on previous issues.


Web Extras

Stacy Levy Artist

Women in Conservation Award Winners

Award recipients include: Woman of Lifetime Achievement in Conservation, Woman of Environmental Education, Woman of Environment Arts, Woman of Environmental Media, Marketing & Communicati... Read More » 

The Four Regions of the Mid State Trail

The Four Regions of the Mid State Trail

The Mid State Trail has four regions and is recognized as a historic and versatile trail that “captures the essence of Pennsylvania’s abundant trail system,” and some even see it as spiri... Read More » 

Mid State Trail Hike 50

Mid State Trail Hike 50!

Mid State Trail Association, the all-volunteer non-profit group that cares for Pennsylvania’s longest and wildest footpath (2019 Pennsylvania Trail of the Year! ) announces the Hike 50! C... Read More » 


Mission Statement
: Founded in 1993, Susquehanna Life magazine is the original lifestyle publication for Central PA, highlighting the region’s most captivating stories and undiscovered gems in a national-caliber publication. And the Susquehanna Life brand is an effective, cost-efficient multi-media platform on which businesses and organizations like yours, that produce a high-quality product or service, can partner with a brand with these same principles and attributes to meet and exceed sales goals.    

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