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Susquehanna Life Magazine History -- 2010

Jan 03, 2018 09:54AM ● By Erica Shames
Susquehanna Life magazine staff were so excited about the possibility in 2010 of a rail-trail traversing farms, fields and neighborhoods from Mifflinburg to Lewisburg--then just a pipe dream--we raised and contributed $710 to Buffalo Valley Recreation Authority to help with the effort.

Today, the BVRA rail-trail is used by thousands of people every year for recreational pursuits ranging from bicycling and jogging to walking, skateboarding and rollerblading, improving the health of everyone on the trail, and engaging people socially in ways never before possible. 

What more is on the horizon to boost the health of the region?

Stay tuned throughout 2018 to learn more about the magazine's history as we celebrate Susquehanna Life magazines' 25th anniversary, and the positive impact the publication has had on the region.  

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