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Trackers Skishoes Prepares for Second Season

Sep 06, 2017 02:23AM ● By Melanie Heisinger

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The skishoe, a snow shoe/cross-country ski product launched last year by Trackers Skishoes, a start-up based in Milton, is gearing up for its next production run and a revised design. Although the company fell short of its $12,000 crowdfunding goal, president Tom Gibson is proceeding with other funding sources.  

“[Crowdfunding] not only allows us to raise funds,” says Gibson, who is the founder of Trackers. “It brings together a community of like-minded people interested in skishoeing. It also allows us to keep them informed of skishoeing developments.” As a reward for investing, crowdfunders can purchase skishoes at a 10-percent discount.

The skishoe is used with poles, and a general kick-and-glide technique, similar to one used for cross-country skiing. Gibson, an inventor and mechanical engineer, said he has ideas for other products, down the road.

“We’ll continue improving the skishoe design and introduce different variations of it,” he said. “I’d like to get into other things as well, such as renewable energy.”

Gibson said the goal in launching the skishoe was to create a device that could handle difficult snow conditions and terrain, such as ice and deep powder like a snowshoe, yet have some glide to it like cross-country skis.

“An overall goal is to also introduce skishoeing as a new winter experience that can show people different perspectives,” he noted.

Skishoes feature crampon-like teeth on the bottom for tracking, allowing users to kick-and-glide as with cross-country skis but on steeper and icier terrain. The net result is a new form of winter fun Gibson dubs the “skishoe feeling” that lets users venture blissfully off the packed trail, floating through the snow or over the crust.

“Skishoeing lets you go off the packed and groomed trails so you can explore new territory,” Gibson explained.

Trackers Skishoes sells skishoes and accessories online through its website. For more information, visit

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