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By the Book [Spring 2017]

Mar 14, 2017 02:02AM ● By Melanie Heisinger

The Graphic Vegetable, By Michael B. Emery and Irwin Richman

Browse these book recommendations about the rich history of Pennsylvania and more.


The Ground Swallowed Them Up:
Slavery and the Underground Railroad in York, PA

By Scott Mingus

$24.95, York County History Center

From the 1820s through the early Civil War period, York County was a significant pathway for runaway slaves seeking freedom. The book details the networks developed in the movement, including a significant Quaker system, another one involving free blacks and a third with several of York County’s leading PA Germans as conductors.


Smoke Over Steamtown

Photographs by Dennis A. Livesey

$34.99, Schiffer Publishing

Through Livesey’s camera lens, readers experience the thrill of the steam railroad, a
transportation system that dominated the U.S. for over 100 years and helped build a nation.



Misc. Picks

Time Management Tips for Farmers

By Caroline Owens

$14.95, Outskirts Press

Caroline and her husband David raise sheep, hogs, chickens and honeybees using sustainable farming practices on 112 acres in Sunbury, PA. In this interview-based book, members of the Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Farming speak about managing their farms while maintaining a work/life balance.


The Evans’ Chronicles

By William G. Williams and James N. Logue

$24.95, Burd Street Press

Members of the fictional Evans family fight in America’s ten most prominent wars, leaving behind in written form their sense of military duty—illustrating the impact of war on the many people who fight.


Art Picks


By Robert Engman

$14.99, Schiffer Publishing

Engman’s work over the last 50 years has ranged in size from monumental to miniature. This collection demonstrates how Engman’s work expands and alters three-dimensional structural concepts. 


The Graphic Vegetable

By Michael B. Emery and Irwin Richman

$34.99, Schiffer Publishing

Throughout history, artists and artisans have depicted vegetables
in remarkable ways using still life, photographs, antique postcards and seed packet art
to arouse physical and aesthetic appetites.

From Memory to Memorial

By J. William Thompson

$19.95, Penn State Press

On Sept. 11, 2001, Shanksville, PA, became a center of national attention when United Airlines Flight 93 crashed into a former strip mine in sleepy Somerset County, killing everyone on board. This is the story of the memorialization that followed, and the unlikely community that developed through those efforts.

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