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Cuisine Safari Member Profile – JoAnn Angstadt

Jun 30, 2016 05:13PM ● By David Maynard

Cuisine Safari is a local group that explores ethnic food from various restaurants in the Central Pennsylvania area. This is a monthly profile on the members who are a part of the group where they can share their experiences and insights. This month we will be interviewing JoAnn Angstadt. 

CS: How long have you been a member of Cuisine Safari?

JoAnn: I have been a member since September 2013.

CS: What interested you in joining the group?

JoAnn: Meeting new friends who enjoy learning about other cultures, having new adventures, and experiencing great food!

CS: Where are you originally from? 

JoAnn: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

CS: How long have you lived in Central Pennsylvania?

JoAnn: Since 1990, in several different towns.

CS: What is your occupation?

JoAnn: Family Practice Physician

CS: What is your favorite place that you have visited with the group?

JoAnnSpring Garden Korean restaurant.

 CS: What is the most interesting meal you have had with the group?

JoAnn: The group’s dinner spotlight on Barbados which was hosted by the organizer’s mother. It was fun exploring Bajan (Barbadian) cuisine.

CS: Have you traveled internationally? If so, where?

JoAnn: Panama, US and the British Virgin Islands, Iceland, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, Liechtenstein, Monaco, and the Czech Republic.

CS: What cuisines are you hoping to try in the future?

JoAnn: More Asian and European cultures. Page:

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