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Outdoor Recreation: Bike Ride to Spruce Run Reservoir

Jun 06, 2016 05:35PM ● By Melanie Heisinger

One of the best ways to really know an area is to explore it from the seat of a bicycle. The Susquehanna River Valley Visitors Bureau has mapped several rides that combine the best of town and country. Beautiful homes, old farms, a meandering creek and an 18th century mill are some of the highlights of this ride. More bike ride routes are at

About this trail

Approximate Length: 25 miles

Difficulty Level: Easy

Trail Markers: Distance Markers Throughout



Start at Susquehanna River Valley Visitors Bureau – 81 Hafer Rd., Lewisburg

0.0  L on Hafer Road.

0.4  R on T onto JPM Road.

1.2  L at Colonel John Kelly Road.

3.9  R at Fort Titzell Road. At 5.8 miles, cross Cross Roads and continue straight. There’s a covered picnic area and water just ahead.

8.2 L at Miller’s Bottom Road at Y. At 8.7, pass entrance to  Nittany Mountain Campground. Steep uphill coming!

10.5  R onto Sunrise Road. Church on your R.

11.8  L at Spruce Run Road in front of Reservoir.

12.6  R at T to stay on Spruce Run.

13.5  R at Crossroads to stay on Spruce Run.

15.6  R at Colonel John Kelly Road.

15.7  L at Johnson Mill Road into village of Mazeppa.

17.8  Continue on Johnson Mill Road to Route 192. Turn L and go to Hoffa Mill Road and turn L again.

20.7  R on Colonel John Kelly Road.

Cyclists must assume the risk for their own safety when traveling the suggested routes. Most of these roads do not have any special accommodations for bicycles. Whenever bicycles and cars share the road, there are inherent dangers. Ride defensively and in a predictable manner to avoid accidents. Be courteous. Make sure your bike is in good working condition. Always wear a helmet and bright colored clothing. For emergency assistance, call 911.

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