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Readers Rave Over Rusty Rail in 2015

Feb 12, 2016 10:47AM ● By Kevin
We here at Susquehanna Life couldn't have enjoyed 2015 as much as we did without you, our readers, who share our love for the Susquehanna River Valley. In light of your tremendous support of our digital growth last year, we wanted to break down the top 10 stories of 2015 according to our readers (listed below from No. 1 to No. 10).

The Rusty Rail - May 26 2015 0904AM

The Rusty Rail

Located at the corner of Chestnut and Eighth Streets in the old Mifflinburg Body Works, later Yorktowne Cabinetry, it was recently my great pleasure to tour the new brew pub and restauran... Read More » 


Knoebels Premieres May 19 2015 on WVIA TV - Mar 26 2015 1259PM

‘Knoebels’ Premieres May 19, 2015 on WVIA TV

The film blends a range of archival materials from the Knoebels Museum with original cinematography shot on-location at the park throughout the 2014 season to visually document the evolut... Read More » 


Photo courtesy of Kurt Komoda via Flickr

The Story Behind Dauphin's Lady Liberty

CBS News recently uncovered the mystery behind the mid-80s appearance of Pennsylvania's own Statue of Liberty. Read More » 


The Smallest Gift Helps Others Experiencing Their Greatest Loss - May 19 2015 0309PM

The Smallest Gift Helps Others Experiencing Their Greatest Loss

Today, nonprofit "The Smallest Gift" has grown and provides more and more resources for parents who are looking for comfort. Their outreach has touched families all over the country. Read More » 


8 Truly Unique Ways to Celebrate the Holidays - Nov 19 2015 0920AM

8 Truly Unique Ways to Celebrate the Holidays

Explore the creativity and joy that abounds in these celebrations of the season. Read More » 


The Spark in Danville  - Jun 03 2015 1034PM

The “Spark” in Danville

So often with river towns whose heydays lie in the past, the question of how to construct an identity for Danville that both honors what came before and resonates with the future is a cha... Read More » 


Trim all sharp edges with a file

Clear Toy Candy – A PA Dutch Tradition

You may remember finding clear toy candy in your stocking, or trimming a tree with it, lights sparkling through delicate figurines. You won’t see this treat made in any factory today. Read More » 


The 2015 Area Christmas Tree Farm Guide Sponsored by Swineford Bank and Fulton Financial Advisors - Nov 03 2015 0627AM

The 2015 Area Christmas Tree Farm Guide, Sponsored by Swineford Bank and Fulton Financial Advisors

It's that time of year: holiday music, stuffing and gravy, shopping, and of course, Christmas trees! Find yours at one of these area farms before it's too late. Read More » 


Every Day is Fathers Day - Jun 18 2015 0847AM

Every Day is Father's Day

Father/daughter duo dream big after a tragic accident. Read More » 


Reading  Northern engineer Christopher Bost moves 113 in Minersville

Nostalgic Journeys - The Pride of Minersville

The 1913 Reading Company railroad station on East Sunbury Street in Minersville still stands and its roof still collects cinders from the world’s only active anthracite-burning steam loco... Read More » 

 We look forward to a wonderful 2016. Don't forget to share your stories with us, by contacting us.

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