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Yoga Establishment Re-centers Focus

Dec 28, 2015 08:50PM ● By Erica Shames

For the past three years, the Integral Yoga Center in New Berlin has evolved to be more in line with the vision of slain yogi, Sudharman. “He wanted a place that focused on the lifestyle of yoga,” explained Jyothi Weaver, operations manager.

To honor Sudharman’s memory, Jyothi and the center’s board of directors have expanded classes and workshops, and changed the name of the yoga center to be more expansive in scope—Whole Life Center.

The center’s new offerings center around different “conditions,” as Weaver refers to them. LifeForce Yoga, for example, focuses on breathing techniques and postures that help manage symptoms associated with depression, anxiety and seasonal affective disorder. Yoga for Cancer and Yoga for Arthritis, additionally, are tailored for the specific needs of participants.  Classes are offered Monday through Saturday and the slate of workshops includes meditation, stress management and Qi-gong.

The type of yoga taught at Whole Life Society is integral yoga, “an ancient, cohesive style of yoga that addresses the whole person: body, mind, emotions, and spirit.” Jyothi describes it as “going back to the roots of yoga practice, focusing on the mind and spirit as well as the body.”

The Whole Life Society sponsors special events centered around the summer and winter solstices and fall and spring equinoxes. Workshops on nutrition and alternative healthcare include demonstrations of aromatherapy, reflexology and massage, for example.  Last summer, the solstice was celebrated with a two-day event including workshops, yoga classes and drum circles, culminating in a solstice bonfire.

A patron program allows participants to provide support for the non-profit center in three-year increments. Funds go toward expanding yoga class offerings for cardiac patients, veterans and other groups with special needs. The center also offers integral yoga to businesses as an adjunct to wellness plans. The benefits of yoga include stress reduction, increased focus and even weight loss.

The Whole Life Society is located in a renovated church. “[It] brings calm and peace the minute you step inside,” noted Weaver. For more information, visit or call (570) 966-2484. 

Written by Becky Chambers.

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