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Cuisine Safari Member Profile – Terri Lynn Hamrick

Sep 17, 2015 10:58PM ● By David Maynard

Cuisine Safari is a local group that explores ethnic food from various restaurants in the Central Pennsylvania area. This is a monthly profile on the members who are a part of the group where they can share their experiences and insights. This month we will be interviewing Terri Lynn Hamrick. 

CS: How long have you been a member of Cuisine Safari?

Terri: I joined October 10, 2013, about five months after the group began.

CS: What interested you in joining the group?

Terri: I am very interested in experiencing all kinds of food.  I have traveled a bit internationally, and I love experiencing all kinds of food, with a special affinity for ethnic food, especially authentic ethnic food!

CS: Where are you originally from? 

Terri: Parkersburg, West Virginia is where I was born and I spent the last thirteen years prior to moving to Pennsylvania in Huntington, West Virginia.

CS: How long have you lived in Central Pennsylvania?

Terri: Sixteen years.

CS: What is your occupation?

Terri: President and CEO of a domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking organization.

CS: What is your favorite place that you have visited with the group?

TerriWow… trying to narrow it to one. Probably the International Buffet nights that are hosted by the group founder! The vast array of ethnic dishes in one place, and folks bring things as well. It is always superb. Non-members do not know what they are missing!

CS: What is the most interesting meal you have had with the group?

Terri: I think Mariama’s African Cuisine Restaurant. I had one of the best goat curries ever, even better than I experienced in South Africa. I did not realize this restaurant was even there, it was tucked back in a little out of the way location and it was an interesting aesthetic from the front. I have found some of the best experiences happen in those types of locations! The group is always engaging, and I love that I get to meet such interesting folks that I would never otherwise encounter!

CS: Have you traveled internationally? If so, where?

Terri: I have traveled a bit. I spent some time in South Africa in 2002, and was in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Stellenbosch, and many surrounding areas. I have traveled in Spain, in Mexico, in London, and a number of other places.

CS: What cuisines are you hoping to try in the future?

Terri: I would like to try most anything that I have not yet tried, so that leaves a lot open! I really would like to try more South America dishes, and more Asian cuisines as well that are outside of what we normally think of in this area. Page:

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