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The Magic of Moonlight Kayaking

Sep 07, 2015 10:31AM ● By Troy Metzger
 It was blue moon. And the experience was everything we could have hoped for.

In between trips, our travel group schedules daily activities in the Central PA area. Our travel group brought 19 members to the delight of Steve of Susquehanna Outfitters. Steve is owner/operator of Susquehanna Outfitters, a great outdoor activities business off the shore of City Island in Harrisburg. His small staff is amazing and friendly group that go above and beyond to make your experience that much better. Five stars all the way.

 The water temperature was perfect as the weather has been for most of this amazing summer here in the Central PA area. As the saying ‘once in a blue moon’ expresses the rarity of the occurance the next blue moon isn’t until May 21, 2016. And it was a beautiful sight as the moon brilliantly reflected off the peaceful rippling waters of the Susquehanna River that night on Friday July 31, 2015.

Our group contributed to the largest full moon float ever put on by Susquehanna Outfitters. Some of us teamed up in pairs and shared tandem kayaks, while others decided on single kayaks, and a couple others brought their own kayaks. 

We piled into the vibrant purple shuttle where they took us upstream. It was from there we began our moonlight kayaking adventure. The soft current floated us downstream and dumped us into the Susquehanna River. I assumed it was going to be very deep. But I was wrong. As my feet dangled from the sides of the kayak into the warm water, I was able to see the bottom. 

The sun began to set.


The magic of being on the river during sunset was a picturesque moment. We made our way through a cove, and eventually ended up at a very small island where Steve’s team had tables lined up with a bounty of snacks and drinks. To top of the moment, staff passed out glow sticks for everyone which made a really nice touch as the sunset and darkness fully set in.

I highly recommend giving this excursion some serious thought as part of your plans while the weather permits. Give Steve at Susuquehanna Outfitters a call at (717) 503-0066 and let them know The Travel Group sent you.

Troy is honored to be a guest contributor to Susquehanna Life who also runs Social Travel Group  Find us on Facebook

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