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By the Book - Fall 2015

Aug 28, 2015 10:31AM ● By Erica Shames

Fit Mind, Fit Life
By Kevin Haslam
$21.97, Eleven Twenty-Four Productions

Haslam decided it was time for a change in his life after waking up one day and realizing he was 30 pounds overweight. He recognized dieting and exercising only make up 20 percent of our health and fitness routines. The missing 80 percent, Haslam believes, lies dormant within our minds. Haslam discovered that once you activate it, you hold the most powerful keys to health and physical bliss. In his book you’ll learn the seven steps he took to gain back control of his life, feel more alive and enjoy new levels of health and fitness for life. 

China Horse Marine
By E. Richard Bonham
$59.99, Schiffer Publishing

“China Marines” served in China before the Second World War. The small group of Horse Marines stationed at the American Legation in Peiping patrolled the city streets and surrounding Chinese countryside riding small, tough, Mongolian ponies and armed with their Model 1913 Patton sabers. These Horse Marines—considered the elite of all China Marines—protected American missionaries and businessmen from bands of roving Chinese bandits. Illustrated with over 420 rare and previously unpublished Horse Marine items and photographs, this book offers a unique perspective into the life of John R. Angstadt, one China Horse Marine.

Ebenezer Denny, First Mayor of Pittsburgh
By James A. McQuiston, FSAScot

The book chronicles the adventures of Ebenezer Denny, first elected mayor of the City of Pittsburgh in 1816, and distant relative to the author. This detailed book answers several riddles and corrects many facts previously written about this true American Hero. Fast-moving, and easy-to-read details will keep your attention throughout.

Antiques to Die For
By P.L. Hartman
$22.50, Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co.

P.L. Hartman has been an antiques dealer for 20 years. Her business, The Antique Sideboard, specializes in antiques for dining and décor, and is part of a multi-dealer shop in Pennsylvania. The book is both a mystery and glimpse into the dynamics of a thriving antiques business. Set in the Appalachians of Central Pennsylvania, the story combines history, antiques lore, lively shop interplay and collectors’ obsessions to tell its tale. 

Frontier Pennsylvania Series Settlers, Soldiers, and Scalps
By John L. Moore
$9.99, Sunbury Press

Moore takes a journalistic approach to writing about the people whose lives and experiences are chronicled in this book. The author explores the three-year captivity of two teenage girls in the hands of Delaware Indians. Learn more about the true stories of settlers, soldiers, Indians and outlaws throughout the book.

Field Guide to Wild Mushrooms of Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic
By Bill Russell
$26.95, Penn State Press

To a select few, mushrooms are the abundant yet often well-hidden delicacies of the forests. In spite of their rather dismal reputation, most wild mushrooms are both edible and delicious, when prepared properly. From the morel to the chanterelle and the prolific and aptly named chicken of the woods, mushrooms can easily be harvested and enjoyed, if you know where to look and what to look for. This book helps the reader learn just that.

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