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Yellow Breeches Tubing

Jul 28, 2015 12:22AM ● By Troy Metzger
Two weeks ago it was hottest day of the year so far, over 90 degrees, giving the travel group the perfect excuse for jumping in the creek with inner tubes and going for a fun and refreshing float. Located within the heart of Central Pennsylvania, you'll find the Yellow Breeches Creek, conveniently located just outside of Mechanicsburg, PA. 

It was 95% relaxation with beautiful scenery the entire way and the occasional turtle sitting on a fallen tree branch watching us curiously float by. Your chances of spotting a couple are pretty good. It's shaded most of the way by all the tall trees with a few patches of wide open area here and there where you'll get some good sun for 30 seconds at a time. A little sunscreen, water shoes, and bug spray and you'll be golden.

An occasional large rock or fallen tree to navigate around keeps you from dozing off completely in all the serenity but still very relaxing and it adds a little excitement to the floating expedition. It was pretty neat striking up a couple lines of conversation while faster kayakers pass us by.

Some groups of tubers tend to float faster than others depending on whether or not their tubes are tethered together with others in their group so it's likely that you'll both pass, and get passed, by a couple other groups along your way. You'll also notice many people with coolers full of beverages designating one tube just for the cooler. We saw several kayakers also fishing along the banks and had their tackle gear tucked in the storage compartments of their kayaks.

Accessing Yellow Breeches is extremely easy. There are several entry and exit points along the way. Both times we entered at Messiah College. We parked at the Starry Field parking lot, which is just over the covered bridge. Arrive early, because on beautiful summer days, the parking lot will fill up --as it did both times we went. If you start at Messiah College, there is a map posted of entry and exit points. You will need more than one car for this activity. You will need to drop off a return car at your exit point. Our exit point was at Simpson Park. 

The total float time from Messiah College to Simpson Park was about two hours both times. While being a two hour float trip down the creek it's only about a five minute drive back to Messiah College from Simpson Park. On the first trip we also got a parking tickets for the cars for parked in the grass. You just have to pay better attention to the signage more than we did.

If you want a fun outdoorsy half or full day of relaxation on the water drifting lazily along the mostly shaded Yellow Breeches. I highly doubt you'll want to stop after the first trip. We had so much fun that we plan to go at least once or twice more before the summer comes to an end.

Be sure to say 'hello' if you pass us by on the Yellow Breeches with your floating picnic. It's hard not to make this an extremely fun and memorable experience. 

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