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Pennsylvania is No. 3 of Most 'Outdoorsy' States

Jul 21, 2015 04:26PM ● By Kevin

Retale, a mobile destination application for shoppers, incorporating retail circulars into a rich, interactive format, recently ranked America's states to see which was the most "outdoorsy." Pennsylvania ranked third on the list, falling short of California and New York.

According to the list:

"The Keystone State's blue, smoky mountains, so ghost-like on the horizon, roll evenly into Appalachian hiking trails, yellow farmlands, and roving waterways. This incredible diversity promotes ever-changing climates: springs grow into vibrant, but humid summers, and Septembers fold neatly into orange and red Octobers. Pennsylvania's gleaming, blue-skied winters allow for long days skiing in the Blue Ridge or Pocono Mountains, whilst their sticky summers fuel long days hiking through the Appalachian Trail, kayaking down the Susquehanna River, or camping at favorite state parks, like Black Moshannon, Hickory Run, or Canoe Creek.

"Pennsylvania swings into the second national slot for most national recreation trails. It has the third highest number of fly fishing waters, the ninth most kayaking arenas, and a plethora of state parks, rock climbing locations, and summer camps."

Retale, according to its website, tells an engaging, enriched shopping story by bringing the printed circular to life for on-the-go shoppers. Find out more about our Management Team.

Click here to see the full list and view the interactive map.

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