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Be Lewisburg Loyal Helps Local Sales

Jun 17, 2015 03:06PM ● By Erica Shames

Be Lewisburg Loyal is a promotional campaign designed to encourage people to shop in downtown Lewisburg. How well is it working?

Susquehanna Life magazine (SLM) marketing intern Jena Dalykas, a rising junior at Penn State University, wanted to find out. She did an informal survey of a few businesses—Dwellings, The Mercantile, Pronto! Provisions and Purity Candy—to learn more.

SLM: As a participating Be Lewisburg Loyal business, have you noticed a change in the flow of customers—have you seen more or less customers, and do you think it has anything to do with the program?

Dwellings’ Sara Dorman: I don’t think that I have seen a change in the foot traffic through our store, but I have definitely seen a difference in our sales. People are actually wanting to spend money rather than just look around the store. They want to spend so they can get the card because they only have to spend $5—it’s really easy. They get their card and they move on!

SLM: Do you mention the current promotion, Be Lewisburg Loyal, to customers when they make a purchase? If you do, how do you explain it to them? If not, why do you not mention it?

The Mercantile’s owner, Laurie Slear: We have been telling everybody about it. We have [the cards] here at the counter, and we have been sharing it with everybody. I specifically point out that there are services on there as well as restaurants. I explain to them you can get your vacuum cleaner repaired or anything of that sort and it only has to be $5 that you spend to get the card. People seem pretty excited when you explain it that way. I think that when they think they have to shop in a gift store perhaps then they think, “Oh no, I don’t need 15 things like that.” But when you explain it that way, they seem pretty excited about it. So, we have them right here at the counter and we’ve been giving a lot away. I actually just went today to pick up some more!

SLM: Do you believe that the promotion is a successful way to attract more people to downtown Lewisburg? Why or why not?

Pronto! Provisions’ owner, Scotta Magnelli (seated): Yes I do think it’s a successful promotion. We are nine days into the promotion so far, and my restaurant alone has already given probably in the neighborhood of 20 to 25 stickers. I do believe it is bringing people downtown who might not otherwise come downtown. I like the promotion personally, and for my business, simply because June is typically a very slow month.

SLM: What are your thoughts on the new promotional campaign Be Lewisburg Loyal?

Purity Candy’s Lyn Houtz: I think it’s a good idea, and we’ve had quite a few people already. Some of the customers that bring them in think it’s a good idea, too. The first few days of the promotion were slow, but now it’s picked up. You start to wonder if people are going to use them, but we have a lot of missing stickers. The promotion seems to get good feedback from customers that use the cards. We had a few people this morning who used their card, actually.

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