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By the Book - Summer 2015

Jun 04, 2015 03:39PM ● By Erica Shames

Misc Picks

America’s Longest Run:
A History of the Walnut Street Theatre
By Andrew Davis
$44.95, Penn State Press

This Philadelphia landmark, America’s oldest theatre, has been at or near the center of theatrical activity since it opened, as a circus, on Feb. 2, 1809. The book documents the players and productions that appeared here, and the challenges the Walnut has faced.


A Pale Horse and 40 Other Stories
By Joe Tarone
$14.95, Sunbury Press

The stories, starting with “George’s Priority,” an account of two boys trapped in a collapsing coal mine, manage to find humor in dire, uncomfortable or scary situations.


Along the Appalachian Trail: WV, MD and PA
By Leonard M. Adkins
$21.99, Arcadia Publishing

Builders of the 270 miles of trail in WV, MD and PA succeeded in creating a trail within many scenic areas. Hundreds of vintage photographs illustrate the work and dedication required to plan, build and maintain the trail.


Empty Abundance
By Tim McCarthy
$14.95, The Business of Good

We’ve all been sold a bill of goods: that we can spend our way to happiness. Like so many Americans, Tim spent years chasing the dream of material wealth, only to find that the promised rewards were empty and unsatisfying. Empty Abundance is the story of one man’s path to true abundance—the kind that is not reliant on wealth or material gain. The book is for anyone who has ever thought, “I have everything I ever wanted. Why am I unhappy?”

CD Pick

Jay Vonada Quartet

Featuring Jay on trombone, Mac Himes on guitar, Bob Hart on bass and Kevin Lowe on drums on eight compositions written by Jay. Vonada has led a variety of ensembles over the past five years, including duos, trios and quartets.


Kid Picks

Goodnight, Pennsylvania
By Adam Gamble
$9.95, Our World of Books

A board book designed to soothe children before bedtime while instilling an appreciation for North America’s natural and cultural wonders, from the Liberty Bell and Hershey’s Chocolate World to Lake Erie and the Pocono Mountains.


Buddy and His Pals
By Loretta Radeschi

Real-life adventures of the author’s animals provide lessons about friendship for children. 

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