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Letters to the Editor - Summer 2015

Jun 03, 2015 08:01PM ● By Erica Shames

Hi, Erica,

Since I have been volunteering at the Friends Gently Used Bookstore at the James V. Brown Library, I always look for a copy of your magazine to read in the periodical section of the library. I decided I would like my own copy as I really enjoy the articles and fine photography and can use the magazine as a reference for new places to visit, restaurants to try and what’s happening in our local area. Looking forward to my very own first issue.

Joanne Dahl, South Williamsport, PA


Dear Erica,

Susquehanna Life [magazine] is a hometown resource, but is really way more hip and inclusive than only local calendaring and advertisements. Your magazine is very visually pleasing and covers many diverse aspects of our local culture. I've meant to subscribe for a few years—every time I buy a newsstand copy of the latest issue I think I want to send in the form, so finally I did.

Susquehanna Life has gotten better and better over the years. There are many articles that are intriguing and make me want to tear out the pages and put them in my travel drawer. For instance, the river article from summer 2014: who knew that there are large groups of people who kayak the rivers and spend time together every year, almost like a family reunion, and do restorative projects for the rivers?

There are businesses and ideas that I would not necessarily ever know about, if not for the ads and mentions of them in Susquehanna Life magazine.

Best wishes to you,

Darla Karchella, Jersey Shore, PA



Dear Erica,

I simply wanted to mention that your publication is consistently one of the finest I've ever had the grand pleasure to read!  I also feel that Lewisburg is a rare oasis of superbly delicious respite from the intellectual, aesthetic and cultural wasteland that the “Runaway American Dream” has at times and in some places become. I also wanted to thank you for your kindness and attention to Rosalie Frudakis and her sculptural and museum ideas, which I truly believe would further enhance the already magnificent environs of Lewisburg. As a river poet, I write about many, many things; however the towns of PA are always near the top of my favorite topics queue.

Bruce Adams, Bloomsburg, PA 

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