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The Benefits of Using

Mar 12, 2015 01:22PM ● By Erica Shames

 You'll find that we have a growing array of online content that can be viewed for free. Some of this content goes more in-depth or gives you behind the scenes access to an article that appeared in print and some of it will be Web-only, such as contests and videos. Either way you’ll find great regional-interest content by and about the people, places, and things that matter most to you!

You'll also find:

  • Find and add your events to our calendar for free!
  • Join the conversation taking place on line by leaving a comment or sharing to Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • directory to help you discover local gems and share them with your friends. You can also find or leave reviews of local businesses or add your business to our directory for free! Or upgrade your listing for even more benefits.
  • Advertising opportunities that will drive informed, intelligent consumers to your business.
  • You will be able to view all content for free and comment, create a event or listing or post a review by simply signing in with your favorite account (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, etc.) 

What's it all about?

Words spoke by you, our fans:

1.     “Learning of all the places in our area and traveling to them. I do not have to go out of state to see new adventurous places, we have it right here. Without this magazine I would not have explored these places.”

2.     "It's about 'here'-not the Poconos, not Philly, not Pittsburgh-but here in the Susquehanna Valley. Packed with people I know, shops I have been in, restaurants I have or want to patronize."

3.     "When I receive my magazine in the mail, I always set aside a quiet place and cuddle up with it with a pen and paper, making a list of the restaurants and sights I want to see. Thank you for all the time and effort put into making this my favorite magazine!!"

Quotes from a recent contest about Susquehanna Life

“As a former National Sales Manager for Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau and Puerto Rico Convention Bureau, it is important to passionately share not only the features, but the benefits of the destination to its audience. Susquehanna Life is an all-encompassing resource which highlights our Valley’s Pop Culture and Events, Educational Resources and Growth, Talent and New Hot Spots or Traditional Treasures- sure to peak anyone’s interest.”

            “Being fairly new to the area for a few years, I love being able to find new places to explore that you cover.”

            “Gives me information about places I might want to visit that I might not know about.”

            “How the magazine promotes the interesting and varied life and people of the Susquehanna Valley from north to south and east to west.”

            “I adore everything about your magazine but if I must pick just one thing, it would be the ‘Events Around the River’ section.”

            “I love how our valley is displayed and is up to date with what is current in the valley.”

            “I love learning the background stories of local businesses.”

            “I love that the magazine raises awareness for the arts in our region. This is so important to so many, including my family.”

            “I love the restaurant reviews and stories of local interest.”

            “I love the stories about local people and local places!”

            “Information about the Vallye that is always new and exciting!”

            “It is beautifully crafted and raises my awareness of value in my community.”

            “It’s about ‘here’- not the Poconos, not Philly, not Pittsburgh- but here in the Susquehanna Valley. Packed with people I know, shops I have been in, and restaurants that I have, or want to, patronize.”

            “Learning about the different towns, traditions, and people of the Valley.”

            “Listing of local seasonal events, layout, and photos.”

            “Listings of cultural events and stories about local nature and arisans.”

            “Love the pictures and how they capture the beauty of the area.”

            “My favorite thing about Susquehanna Life magazine is Erica Shames and her commitment to make the magazine a true and accurate representation of all the beautiful, magical, historical, and fun events and places our area has to offer.”

            “Susquehanna Life promotes all the positive aspects of living here. It helps us appreciate what we have and remind ourselves how fortunate we are. However, everything that we love about our area takes work and dedication to preserve and improve when needed.”

            “The editorial in the beginning by the very talented Erica Shames.”

            “The fact that it’s inspiring stories about our neighbors, local people who quietly live their lives, often in ways we wouldn’t be aware of if not for your magazine.”

            “The photography is beautiful. I like that you bring to my attention the ‘off-road’ attractions and ignite interests toward sites right under my nose.”

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