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A Tribe of Travelers

Mar 09, 2015 03:15PM ● By Troy Metzger
Get a group of travelers together and what do you get? Hours of story telling. The best stories come from travelers. Always.

I love to travel; and I’ve always wanted to travel with a group that would enjoy doing things differently that is not found on your typical bus trip. I decided to start a travel group with the mission of having like-minded individuals travel and experience this beautiful world together. In November 2012, I created a travel group in Central Pennsylvania. What I created was more than a travel group --but an incredible tribe of travel passionate individuals who love the company and companionship one another.

In two years, we have dined at a tavern where George Washington had his last public dinner in Alexandria, sailed alongside ten beautiful whales in the Cape Cod Bay, zip lined over water, experienced a winter wonderland Christmas in NYC, enjoyed a drink or two at Margaritaville, enjoyed a couple local wine tours, and kayaked through a tranquil woodland just to name a few. In the upcoming months we will be having our first international trip to the Riviera Maya for a week stay at an all inclusive resort. Future international trips include a Caribbean cruise, Ireland, Thailand, and Costa Rica.

Although we are approaching 1,000 members, the size of our trips range from 12-24 people. Keeping it small allows for more quality experiences. Members come from all ages and travel backgrounds. It’s only been two years, and what I’ve learned is that the people are what make these trips. It’s beautiful to see lasting friendships being formed from this group and the everlasting memories we share together that we will never forget.

We have four core characteristics of the group: passion, people, positive, and purpose. Members must have a passion for travel and people and possess a positive mindset. The purpose characteristic is another reason why I created this group.

I believe with the power of people we can create our own little corners of the world where we can provide what we can to make lives better for less fortunate people. Our first project starts with a large community garden that yields fresh fruit and vegetables where it is not accessible or affordable.  It’s going to be a long journey, but it will eventually happen with the help of other people who share the same vision.

Trips depart from the Central Pennsylvania area and anyone can join the group. Members get to know each other by attending monthly meet and greet dinners hosted at local restaurants.

In future articles, I will be sharing our travel experiences. Traveling is unpredictable which is all part of the journey. There are some experiences that have touched me like no other, and believe me, there are moments when a positive mindset is all we have to hold it together. As I mentioned before, the best stories come from travelers.

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