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Experience Yoga in the Poconos- Healthy Balance

Mar 06, 2015 02:58PM ● By Susan Emeline Bills
The first yoga class I ever took was in an empty storefront in a strip mall in Edwardsville, PA around 1976.

My memory is vague on details, but the story in my head is that I saw a flyer posted on a telephone pole. The flyer described a one-time intro to yoga class and discussion to be offered by an instructor from a place called The Himalayan Institute in Honesdale.

I was a young teen at the time just waking up to life's bigger questions and searching for  a depth of experience and feeling I wasn't finding in 1970's American culture. I felt a particular draw toward the ancient science of yoga thanks in part to my obsession with the Beatles and their trip to India. But honestly the Beatles were only the messengers. It was the benefits of a calmer more relaxed mind, a perspective on living a more meaningful life and fascination with the mysterious that set me on a quest to find out all I could about yoga. 

The way I saw it, that flyer on the pole was my ticket from the mundane to the mystical. Little did I know the seeds planted in that first class would grow into a life-long passion. Over the past three decades,  I have studied and practiced yoga in many places far from that little strip mall where it all began for me. 

Two years ago, by a strange twist of fate, I found myself spending a life changing month of transformation at Himalayan Institute in Honesdale.The very place from which that teacher had come all those years ago. Himalayan Institute offers excellent, accessible and affordable classes and workshops grounded in the ancient yogic texts and steeped in tradition. 

The teachers are fantastic, genuine and welcoming. The grounds offer some of the best of Pennsylvania's bucolic charm with rolling hills and herds of gentle deer that seem to emerge from the mists of a foggy morning.

I find it fascinating that it took me decades to discover a place that resonates so deeply with my interests even though it was always there less than an hour from where I grew up. 
My seeking had taken me full circle back to my yogic roots in Pennsylvania!

For more information on Himalayan Institute, 

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