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What Is Your Favorite Thing About Susquehanna Life Magazine?

Dec 05, 2014 06:18PM ● By Ryan Frisch
We asked and you responded with 99 (and counting) of your favorite things about Susquehanna Life Magazine. Celebrate our new website with us by entering to win 1 of 6 great local prizes in our Celebrate With Us Sweepstakes!

What is your favorite thing about Susquehanna Life Magazine?

  1. The secrets of the area that growing up around here I never knew!
  2. Reading about new places/things to do that I never knew.
  3. Learning about the hidden treasures of our beautiful valley.
  4. The photography is beautiful. I like that you bring to my attention the "off road" attractions and ignite interest toward sites right under my nose.
  5. I love the exceptional photography in addition to the area events calendar.
  6. All of the local activities you do stories on.
  7. With headquarters in downtown Lewisburg and a focus that's not too far-ranging, it covers just the right amount of territory.
  8. I love learning the background stories of local businesses.
  9. I always learn something new about the Susquehanna valley!
  10. Discovering new places and shops to visit.
  11. Finding out about things around the valley that I didnt know.
  12. Photos of interesting local places.
  13. That it features local points of interest.
  14. Love the pictures & how they capture the beauty of area.
  15. Articles about events in the GSV.
  16. News from the valley.
  17. The photos from this beautiful area in which we live!
  18. Keeping it local.
  19. The great selection of things to do in our state.
  20. The way it opens my eyes to what is available so close to home.
  21. I adore everything about your magazine but if I must pick just one thing, it would be the "Events around the river" section.
  22. The wonderful photography of the region!
  23. That it's local! It has everything to do with what I want to do!
  24. I love the local stores and beautiful pictures.
  25. Knowing I will get information on local events, sites, shopping, culture, history  and food all in the heart of the Susquehanna Valley.
  26. Susquehanna Life promotes all the positive aspects of living here. It helps us appreciate what we have and remind ourselves how fortunate we are. However, everything that we love about our area takes work and dedication to preserve and improve when needed.
  27. Stories on the history of the area.
  28. Articles
  29. The photography is excellent!  Pictures always tell a story and Susq. Life's imagery is always great!
  30. Love the articles, the photos, and that it's a local magazine.  I like the focus on day trips around the valley, too!
  31. I love the beautiful pictures of this wonderful area!  Great magazine!
  32. Local stories and what's happening in the area.
  33. Quality
  34. Most recently I enjoyed the article about James Carn and painting the signs, as well as what to do during the fall.
  35. I love learning new things about the Susquehanna Valley, especially new activities to try!
  36. Photography
  37. Lets me know what's going on in the area. Love the information it provides.
  38. Listing of local seasonal events layout and photos.
  39. Articles and Events
  40. Local History Stories
  41. Covering so much about the local area.
  42. It's only about our own communities!
  43. The vivid colors and the glossiness of the paper!
  44. I enjoy all the articles about our area. It's neat to see in print articles about places you've been, enjoy patronizing, or want to visit.
  45. It keeps me up to date on what to do in the region.
  46. This magazine centerpieces the beautiful area we live in.
  47. The support of our local businesses and people and articles of hometown events.
  48. Great photos of interesting places in the Susquehanna Valley.
  49. I love reading about the local people and their wonderful stories.
  50. Beautiful Images
  51. Variety
  52. Learning more about local people and places.
  53. It opens you up to new experiences in our area that you never knew existed.
  54. Great ideas of places to visit.
  55. Leaning about the different town, traditions and people of the valley.
  56. It's a great way to stay current on the happening of the Susquehanna River Valley are and also learn about new places and events I can go visit, explore, and enjoy!
  57. Erica's articles!
  58. Great articles covering just the right size territory.
  59. Local
  60. Learning of all the places in our area, & traveling to them. I do not have to go out of state to see new adventurous places, we have it right here. Without this magazine I would not have explored these places.
  61. All the new places to explore.
  62. The articles are wonderful and the size of the territory is just right.
  63. Great information for the local area.
  64. Love reading about all local fan fare, businesses and events within our valley!
  65. All the local photography and highlights of great things happening in our valley!
  66. When I read about local people and places I know and love.
  67. I really enjoy the photos...a pictorial walk through the valley!
  68. Finding new places to visit.
  69. Great articles, covering a territory that's just the right size.
  70. When you rate places to eat & best places to visit would be nice as well.
  71. Reading about local businesses and events that I did not know existed or were about to occur.
  72. Upcoming events keeps me posted on all of the special events going on in our area.
  73. Local features presented in a regional context.
  74. Photos
  75. Finding out about places and events right in my own back yard that I never knew.
  76. Reading about places to visit and then going.
  77. Awesome pictures of this area.
  78. Being able to find fun family activities. We love spending time at together.
  79. The local calendar of events.
  80. I like that you can find out about area businesses that you may not have known about. Great info.
  81. The great articles, covering a territory that is just the right size.
  82. Because it highlights the local area.
  83. Food Section
  84. Local Stories
  85. Local Spotlights
  86. Local Spotlights
  87. It's about 'here' - not the Poconos, not Philly, not Pittsburgh - but here in the Susquehanna Valley. Packed with people I know, shops I have been in, restaurants I have or want to patronize.
  88. Love everything about it.
  89. The list of local events and restaurants and places for outdoor activities.
  90. Learning the history of places and learning about new things & places in the area.
  91. The great articles, covering a territory that's just the right size.
  92. The Stories!
  93. Finding local gems I never knew about!
  94. Information about the Valley that is always new and exciting!
  95. The great photos and articles.
  96. My favorite thing about Susquehanna Life magazine is Erica Shames and her commitment to make the magazine a true and accurate representation of all the beautiful, magical, historical and fun events and places our area has to offer.
  97. Local Information
  98. Very enjoyable articles covering just the right size territory (and headquarters in downtown Lewisburg)!
  99. Article about local craftspeople.

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