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Letters to the Editor

Nov 18, 2014 01:36PM ● By Kevin

Dear Erica,

I have seen the [Susquehanna Life] magazine at The Pine Barn Inn in Danville several times when we stayed there while visiting family, and enjoyed it so much. I had wanted to retire from Connecticut to Danville, which has special meaning to me because of strong childhood family memories there, plus I still have family there. But my husband wished to get away from ice and snow, so I relented and we ended up retired in South Carolina instead. I think Susquehanna Life will help me to feel more connected to that area of PA, which is really where I’d prefer to live. I hope other long-distance readers feel that the magazine helps keep them connected to Central PA, too.  Danville is my true earthly “home.”

Amy DeBlasi, Conway, SC

Dear Editor,

Like almost everyone, I love fall and the outdoors. I especially enjoyed “The Amazing Places to View Fall Foliage” [in the Fall 2014 issue]. Thanks for including the Web sites. The photos and colors are beautiful.

Four years ago my husband lost his right leg to cancer. He is now doing great, has a full prosthesis with a computerized knee, and walks with a cane. We always did a lot of walking and hiking, but that has changed. We drive areas and are able to walk short distances together. Knowing what the area will be like when we get there is very helpful. We also use the rails-to-trails. The articles on the outdoors and animals were so interesting. This issue hit a “home run;” it had something for everyone. I have “September Midnight”—the Fall Illumination—in a frame by my bed. Keep up the great work. 

Ruth Henry, Lewisburg, PA

Dear Editor,

My hairdresser had your magazine on her table and I fell in love with the Fall issue of best places to go for fantastic foliage. We have lived here for five years and want to get out and explore beautiful Pennsylvania! Thanks very much!

Annie Semo, Carlisle, PA


Dear Erica,

I have been away and have missed some of the activities of the Women's Professional Partnership. I am so impressed with what the organization has become with your leadership, and so pleased to be a part of it. I just had the opportunity to see the summer issue of Susquehanna Life when I was researching the information about the October conference.  The magazine is absolutely marvelous and the stories and photos memorable. I am also looking forward to the conference, which sounds like it will be a winner.  Sincerely,

Roberta Putterman, Lewisburg, PA

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