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Leadership Freak: Focus on Strengths, Not Weaknesses

Nov 02, 2014 10:00AM ● By Erica Shames

As the keynote speaker for the Empowering Our Region Through Mentoring and Leadership Conference - start: Oct 23, 2014 09:30AM, Dan Rockwell, aka the Leadership Freak, encouraged the more than 100 people in attendance to focus on their strengths, as opposed to their weaknesses, when engaged in mentoring relationships.

“You’ll accomplish far more in less time when you focus on the things you’re good at, rather than those skills you need to improve,” suggested Rockwell, a leadership expert whose Leadership Freak blog is read in virtually every country on the globe.

In his speech, Rockwell talked of his own experience being mentored, as well as mentoring others, and the focus too many people have on being perfect. “Not necessary,” he counsels.  

Rockwell also stressed the idea that, contrary to popular belief, anyone can be a mentor. “Think of mentoring as filling someone else’s cup with what you know,” added Rockwell, “and you’ll realize that all of us have skills and information to share. The important thing is to recognize and pursue mentoring opportunities.”

The Empowering Our Region Through Mentoring and Leadership conference was the brainchild of the Women’s Professional Partnership, a Lewisburg-based networking organization that encourages women to take responsibility for their own personal and professional success. The conference was created with Bucknell University, and was designed to: begin a dialogue about the power of mentoring; shine a spotlight on the mentoring that already takes place in the region; and open the door to opportunities for greater involvement among businesses and organizations in the region that wish to start a mentoring program.

“The event was so popular, many people in attendance encouraged the Women’s Professional Partnership and Bucknell University to create like-minded mentoring and leadership events several times a year,” said Erica Shames, president of the Women’s Professional Partnership. “The conference steering committee will meet and discuss this as a possibility.”

More information about the Women’s Professional Partnership is available by calling 1-800-232-1670.

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