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Christmas in the Parlor

Oct 30, 2014 11:44AM ● By Erica Shames
Written by Larry Lawson

On Saturday, Dec. 20, a number of valley musicians are teaming up to present a benefit concert at The Elias Center for the Performing Arts in Mifflinburg that we're calling "Christmas in the Parlor." It doesn't happen that much these days, but perhaps you're old enough or lucky enough to recall a time when folks brought their instruments into someone's parlor in order to share songs and sing along. Well, that's what we're doing. But we're staying away from most of the traditional Christmas carols. Instead, we'll be performing a Christmas cornucopia of wonderful tunes offering a diversion from typical Christmas playlists but deserving, nonetheless, to be heard.

I'm delighted to be a part of this event, and proud to be sharing the night with some absolutely wonderful musicians. The names will ring chords of recognition in most of you: KJ, Kimbo Reichley, Tom and Jina Rosencranz, and Tom Fladmark. We had our first get-together last night. Each person is bringing several tunes, and then we're combining our talents for their presentation. And, since I must say it, the songs in the mix for this performance are superb. If you join us for this family-friendly evening, you'll hear fine voices raised in melody and harmony, deftly accompanied by a variety of acoustic instruments (guitars, autoharp, banjo, mandolin, and more). You'll get to sing along at times if you wish, or simply marvel (as I did last night) at the rich blend of sound.

So please put this one on your calendars. Give yourself, your family, and your friends the Christmas present of a delightful musical night, with the added bonus of knowing that all ticket money will be donated to two very worthy causes (more on that later).

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