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By the Book - Tulpehocken Trail Traces

Oct 13, 2014 07:18PM ● By Erica Shames

Reptiland - How a Boyhood Dream Became a Modern Zoo

Tulpehocken Trail Traces $29.95, Sunbury Press

Tulpehocken Trail

 Author Steve E. Troutman explores the Tulpehocken Path, focusing on the lesser-known sections in Northumberland and Schuylkill counties, Pennsylvania. He presents a history of the trail, from its earliest times, focusing on the activities of Conrad Weiser, Indian Agent for the Penns and others of note. Using contemporary and vintage maps, he suggests the possible variations of the trail and subsequently explores them himself, providing numerous pictures of key present-day locations along the Path. He includes accounts of historic travelers on the trails and connects present-day locations and people to the Native Americans who lived in the Mahantongo Valley, including information about the Seven Sacred Circles near Rebuck, PA.

Native Americans in the Susquehanna River Valley, Past and Present

 by David J. Minderhout
$75, Bucknell University Press
This first volume in the Stories of the Susquehanna Valley series describes the Native American presence in the Susquehanna River Valley. Combining archaeology, history, cultural anthropology, and the study of contemporary Native American issues, contributors describe what is known about the Native Americans from their earliest known presence in the valley to the contact era with Europeans.  

Business Pick

Reptiland - How a Boyhood Dream Became a Modern Zoo


 By Clyde Peeling
$9.99, Peeling Productions
Fascinated by reptiles as a boy, Clyde single-mindedly pursued that interest. Intellectual growth and hard work resulted in the creation of a specialized zoological park in Allenwood, PA, held in high esteem both by visitors and zoo professionals. Reptiland has evolved from a place centered on public amusement and recreation to an educational institution and an important force for the conservation of the natural world. This book is the story of how Clyde Peeling turned his dream into a successful business, and in the process positively impacted public attitudes toward reptiles. 

Coal Dust on Your Feet - The Rise, Decline, and Restoration of an Anthracite Mining Town

Coal Dust on Your Feet

 By Janet MacGaffey
$90, Bucknell University Press
Coal Dust on Your Feet is a historical ethnography of Shamokin, Pennsylvania, and its surrounding borough of Coal Township. Anthracite coal fueled the industrial revolution and its miners generated the rise of organized labor, both of which make the region of northeast Pennsylvania one of great economic and historic importance. The ethnographic field site of the study spans a century and a half as it looks at the history and ties to the home countries of the immigrants who established and worked the coal mines. Details of individual lives and family histories enliven accounts of industry and the struggles of the unions, means of livelihood, ethnicity, associational life and ceremonial occasions. 

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