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How to Write Content that Sizzles

How to Write Content that Sizzles WS 89, Saturday, November 5 10 a.m. - 1 p.m., $75 Donna Talarico This workshop is all about finessing your wordsmith skills, no matter what the medium or your skill level. In this practical, interactive workshop, we’ll cover, among other things: 1) Why brevity rules – how you can turn that stuffy paragraph into a compelling sentence. 2) How repurposing works – repurposing content is key to efficient web/marketing operations, especially when you’re short staffed. You’ll leave this workshop with tips on how to effectively tweak existing content to fit various mediums. If you want, bring a piece of writing you want to make better, or an outline for a current project. 3) How to add sizzle to your sentences – you know when a headline is catchy or a story is compelling—we’ll look at the actual language and explore why that writing sounds so good. Explore some tried and true literary elements and journalistic techniques that make content pop—repetition, alliteration, those sorts of things.

Date & Time

November 5, 2016

10:00AM - 1:00PM

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