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The Emperor's New Clothes

on Stage at the Community Theatre League

The kingdom of Glump has been taxed to abstraction ever since their emperor became a pampered clothes horse with a lack of taste! The emperor and his family are so busy mismatching their wardrobe, the rest of the kingdom is in a shambles. Two con artists plan to fleece the emperor by selling him a magic cloth which appears invisible to people unworthy of their position. Naturally, everyone chooses to ‘see’ the magic cloth, until the innocent candor of a child reveals all. The emperor is shamed into reforming his leadership role in society, and his spoiled daughters learn a valuable lesson in humility.

Date & Time

Weekly on Friday and Saturday

Mar 08, 2016 through Mar 09, 2016


More Info

Event Website

All Seats $10 / 4 for $32 / Flex

Performing Arts & Dance


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