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3rd in the Burg at the Museum

Constant Bearing and Quilts 20/20

Join us for 3rd in the Burg at the museum for your last chance to catch the exhibitions currently on view! Constant Bearing: Recent Work by Donald Forsythe and Brenton Good is on view in the Lobby Gallery until August 23. Quilts 20/20: Traditional Works, Contemporary Art will be on view in the Main Gallery through August 30. Constant Bearing reflects the creative processes that artists / Messiah Collegeeducators Donald Forsythe and Brenton Good utilize in their printmaking and painting practices. Each artist approaches their work as a journey with a fixed direction, which includes controlled systems of repeated investigations. The individual studio processes of each artist yield natural thematic and visual connections between their finished pieces. Constant bearing, decreasing range is the phrase used by sailors to warn of an imminent collision, much like the inevitable intersection of colors, patterns, and themes found in this combined body of work. Quilts 20/20: Traditional Works, Contemporary Art honors the traditional roots of the quilt, shown side by side with the art quilts by today’s cutting edge fiber artists. The juxtaposition continues the dialog between the two worlds and furthers the research relating a traditional craft to what has become studio art. In the gallery are selections from and the Pilgrim/Roy Collections. Artists on view include Sue Benner, Betty Busby, Dorothy Caldwell, Nancy Crow, Eleanor McCain, Michael James, Terry Jarrard-Dimond, Judy Kirpich, Paula Kovarik, Kathleen Loomis, Terrie Mangat, Jan Myers-Newbury, Dominie Nash, Elin Noble, Pat Pauly, Dinah Sargeant, Jane Sassaman, Fran Skiles, Ginny Smith, and Barbara Watler. For more information about the exhibitions... Constant Bearing: Quilts 20/20:

Date & Time

August 21, 2015

6:00PM - 9:00PM

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