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Community Circle Singing
Solstice Celebration


Celebrate the Solstice by joining us in the Followship Hall of St John's

Singing is a joyful expression of art and mindfulness. Its roots go back to human’s first utterances and campfires, It is a viable tool for community building as it calls us into heart to heart relationship as we breathe together. As we sing in the circle chants and improvised moments of song--we create beauty while at the same time gather strength for daily life in our troubled world. Circle Singing is open to anyone wanting to experience the act of singing, that is not only for the professional pushing a product, but is for all of us seeking self and communal expressions of being in the now with hope for the future and reverence for the past.

Clinicians JoAnne Henry and Lee Saville-Iksic invite you to join this joyful expression of togetherness and experience an unforgettable evening of musical sharing. Lee and JoAnne will facilitate the evening's music making, and song booklets with carols, hymns, folk songs, and gospel music will be available to participants. Participants are also encouraged to share any song that they find meaningful and suitable for the event.

This event is open to all.

For more information contact Cynthia Peltier at

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