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Susquehanna Life

Dr. Junaid Rana

presented by the Sawyer Seminar Series sponsored by Penn State's Department of African American Studies

Junaid Rana’s talk, “Anthropology and the Riddle of White Supremacy,” will explore how social science disciplines such as anthropology have addressed the concepts of racism and white supremacy. Drawing on the exchange published as A Rap on Race between anthropologist Margaret Mead and writer James Baldwin that pitted them between racial liberalism and a critique of white supremacy, Dr. Rana will focus on how their discussion highlighted religion and moral belief as integral concepts related to racism. In the Mead and Baldwin conversation, the connection of Christianity to white supremacy reveals a complex conjuring of Islam and Muslims that Dr. Rana describes as "racecraft" and has implications for how we continue to theorize and study white supremacy and racism.

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